Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall expansion to launch on Feb 27, official trailer here

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

By on January 29, 2014 at 9:55 am

Harebrained Schemes have revealed the official launch date, and the official trailer, for the upcoming Dragonfall expansion to Shadowrun Returns. Previously known only as ‘the Berlin expansion — presumably because it’s set in the Free City of Berlin — Dragonfall brings new creatures, characters, weapons, environments, editing tools, and an entire full-length single-player campaign with it.

Experienced Shadowrun Returns players will be most overjoyed at the new ‘Save Anywhere’ feature, which as the name suggests will allow you to pick up your game from anywhere rather than waiting for check points. Take a look at the trailer below, or hit up the pre-order page on Steam ($14.99) for more. It will also be available DRM-free on

Source: Harebrained Schemes

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*You mean finally I can make some progress in the mornings before work, and come home later to pick up right where I left off, like how a proper savegame system should work rather than being at the arbitrary mercy of the dev.

Really funny seeing people get all defensive about checkpoint/manual save arguments and go straight for the ‘trololol u savescum’ angle.

Good news in any case.



Man for real I was just trying to make a light hearted joke, just chill. It’s save games, dude


Tim Colwill,

I know, I’m just a little over this whole mechanic and the pro’s and cons and debates everyone likes to bring up all over the place on various forums; Bioshock Infinite, ROTT remake, Banner Saga etc. etc… Does my head in when I’ve lost progress on plenty of games like these when I need to AFK, when this can be easily avoided with a save system that has worked for decades, then when ‘elitists’ come along and do the whole ‘lol noob u save scum’ thing.

Guess that tag just triggered the memory of the plethora of steam forum threads i’ve been involved in on this issue that never end well.


It’s all good man. Video games.


Good news, really looking forward to this one, I enjoy SRR a great deal.


Shadowrun Returns was ok but personally to me it didn’t live up to the SNES version, anyway glad this DLC is free to us kickstarter backers I’ll give this a playthrough.


stoibs: ROTT remake

Yea … that was fsking criminal, checkpoint systems are stupid as hell

Tim Colwill:
It’s all good man. Video games.

Are more serious that world hunger ! and don’t you say otherwise chimp !!!

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