Oxide Games working on new RTS with 5,000 units on screen at once


By on January 15, 2014 at 4:24 pm

A company called Oxide Games have revealed some new footage of their upcoming “next-gen RTS engine”, by the name of Nitrous, which will allow players to control up to 5,000 separate AI and physics units at once.

Nitrous makes use of AMD’s new Mantle API to write directly to the graphics card, bypassing things like DirectX and allowing massive simulations that weren’t possible before. Unfortunately, Mantle is of course specific to AMD cards, meaning that this is an interesting idea for the moment but not probably much more.

Take a look at the video below, and make some “hrm, hrm” noises to yourself as you consider the possibilities.

Source: Thanks, Endgadget

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Looks like a Homeworld fans’ wet dream.


I hate this segregation of the community, this is why I moved to PC: I don’t want stupid “graphics card” exclusive games to force me to shell out more money.

If its a tech demo, fine, do what you want, but seriously, its terrible to do what the console is doing on a platform that intends to reduce the gap (see Mac or Linux gaming)



So you would prefer AMD or Nvidia to not innovate and try out new technologies?

The thought that they should only stick to what they know, or make sure that both companies are doing the exact same thing with their hardware is retarded backward thinking.


The only advantage Nvidia had is that they locked AMD out of PhysX as AMD weren’t prepared to pay silly money for it.

Mantle is Open, so NV can choose to work with it or not. AMD isn’t forcing their hand like NV did to AMD.


Isn’t Planetary Annihilation shooting for a million units per game? Oh and it’s not going to be a vendor-specific feature….



No, I’m not saying they should do the extract same thing, please let me reiterate before you call my thinking retarded. -.-

Sony and Microsoft pay others to make exclusive games for them, Amd and Nvidia already pay people off to have their logo everywhere, but now they are following in the ideas of the consoles in that they want to make exclusives? Not cool. That is what I’m against.
They can innovate, please go ahead as the performance and competition would be great, but game designers SHOULD NOT just say “Oh we only support mantle and hence nvidia users can’t play any of our games” in the way that say the Forza Devs say “we only support Xbox and hence PS users can’t play any of our games”


Mantle is open? Where does it say that? As far as I’m aware, its not possible to use it on nvidia cards, hence my anger above.



Edit:Seems Mantle isn’t even AMD specific.

It’ll never run as well on Nvidia GPU’s due to the difference in their architecture though.


The Mantle API doesn’t lock out Nvidia hardware at all. It’s optimised for AMD architecture but even Nvidia hardware should see a fair boost to performance, especially if Nvidia allow their drivers to support it correctly. Under no circumstances does Mantle = Nvidia can’t play. It does mean that best results will be seen on AMD GPU’s though.

Oddly enough with the removal of DirectX from the pipeline it also improved CPU performance from the AMD camp, showing that Intel had a better grasp of dealing with DX than AMD hence their gaming domination since Sandy-Bridge was released. That makes the CPU market for gaming all the more interesting as it opens up cheaper gaming rigs again. Which in turn should drive competition a bit more ;)

BTW I’m heavily against proprietary locking of technology or releases, so I’m looking forward to Mantle as it’s not locking but releasing performance to the end user and in turn the developer as well. Hence my serious dislike of Nvidia’s stance on G-Sync and their bull claims about how it’s so hard to do and cost them so much. DP 1.3 spec has it STANDARD, so with a single chip alteration from an ASIC clock to a dynamic refresh chip like that on the G-Sync module then it wouldn’t be hard for ALL manufacturers to release it, but they also locked AMD out of using G-Sync at a hardware level. That’s fucking shit.

Mantle actually brings PC’s much closer in terms of capabilities to dedicated gaming OS’s like that on the XBone and the PS4 which do have an advantage in draw calls, hence a large presence of on-screen objects.



I’m going to 100% agree with you on this one. Mantle is an extremely good approach for PC gaming. nVidia just need to get their head out of their arse and adopt it as they’re able to. This should also make DX and OpenGL pull their fingers out too to optimise their functions.


Well thank you for the clarification guys, I’m glad they’re not pulling a physX then.


DX is lazy, they won’t do anything, and OpenGL runs on so many systems, I would love it if they kicked it up a notch but its so wide an audience that I dunno how they’d manage the updates as well as optimising it.


Um wtf? Am I the only one who watched the video or is there different information elsewhere because the video said that DX is fully supported, it’s just not as fast as Mantle. Also as said above Mantle works out of the box with nVidia it just won’t be as fast as on AMD computers so the game/engine isn’t exclusive to AMD hardware at all.

Also Gsync appears to be a different technology than what’s on the Displayport 1.3 standard but I digress.

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