Mass Effect concept art “borrowed” by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., others

Agents of SHIELD

By on January 14, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Sharp-eyed forumites over on the BioWare forums have spotted that a background image from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. contains a very heavily “borrowed” image from a limited edition Mass Effect print.

As you can see in the comparison shot below, there have clearly been some changes made, but the majority of the building structure appears to have made it through intact (ME3 top, S.H.I.E.L.D. below).

The post was picked up by Eurogamer, after which BioWare’s Mike Gamble tweeted that artwork of the Citadel had also been “borrowed” by rappers The Jacka and DuBBleOO.

As was pointed out in the forum thread almost immediately, BioWare has itself come under fire for “borrowing” concept art, notably the post-credits environment at the end of Mass Effect 3 and the unmasked picture of Tali (neither of which I will link here, for spoiler reasons).

Source: via VG247

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Well at least Mass Effect 3 is doing someone some good..

Cause its ending didn’t do anything for me

Obligatory comment about disappointing ending, now everyone else should feel no need to mention it.



But, how are we supposed to start another internet flame war??



Now now, if that’s the end of the ending discussion then I for one found it extremely disappointing. I demand a repost with a proper ending to the ending discussion.


Guys SilenceOz is an artist and for us to try and change his comment is trying to censor art. I won’t stand for it


If you heavily analyse SilenceOz’s post, over the course of the post, you can slowly see that we the reader are actually being indoctrinated. It’s been very subtle, with minor clues here and there over the course of his post.


All of these posts are completely off-topic, and I for one don’t mind in the least. SilenceOz is performing a very important public service here, and should be commended.


Tim Colwill,

Thank you Tim, now remember that when you are picking the winner of the laptop

/Indoctrination complete


Strange… urge… to… pick… blue… ending


Tim Colwill,

Games on net tag line “Join us. We have Reapers.”


silenceoz: Obligatory comment about disappointing ending

The ending didn’t bother me but the game was no where near as good as ME2 (height of the series imo)



I hated that in ME2 you were railroaded into working with Cerberus, had most of the previous “gang” replaced with Miranda, Jacob, et al. Some were awesome, like Mordin, but I never warmed up to the other two. The ending was nice, apart from the Human-Reaper Larva. I’ve always thought that was ridiculous.
The biggest thing I think was missing from ME3 was hubs like Zakera Ward and Omega. Those were awesome, and taking them away from ME3 really hurt it, in my opinion.

Still totally off-topic, still more or less okay.


TBH I think ALL the ME’s dropped the ball, they all suffered from the same problem as all BioWare’s work has. There is no life. It feels so empty and devoid of atmosphere. The initial wow factor is there and with it a pseudo-atmosphere, but that quickly dissipates to the realisation it’s just not even close to being a hustling living place.

That combined with the repetitive tunnels and railroading caused it’s downfall in my eyes. I loved the story (minus the end of ME3) but the delivery was lacking.

Hopefully they will learn a thing or two about creating a living world rather than a world full of cardboard cutouts.

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