Leaked screenshots reportedly show Source Engine 2, and it’s looking mighty fine

Left 4 Dead 2 in Source Engine 2

By on January 28, 2014 at 1:33 pm

A screenshot of what appears to be a Source Engine 2 PowerPoint presentation has appeared on the mysterious shores of NeoGAF, showing the Plantation level from Left 4 Dead 2 rebuilt in the new engine.

The leak comes from user “crazy buttocks on a train” who, at least according to the habitual Valve-watchers at ValveTime.net, is a very reliable source” for leaks.

You can check out the full pictures at the link above. What do you think?

Source: Thanks, Nacimota!

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Am i meant to know what this is?


Am i meant to know what this is?

What what is? Source engine or the pic – cause it was stated in the article. Nice and pretty! HL3 plox valve!


Click the link, it takes you to a presentation screenshot of a L4D2 pitch. Looks interesting! (and pretty)



Source Engine is what Valve uses for all their games in case you weren’t sure, the picture in question is a recreated map from L4D2 in the new engine


L4D3 will be looking mighty fine on this engine!


I’ve seen a lot of slideshows that Valve’s done for GDC, etc. and it looks pretty real to me. One of the really exciting things is the text in slide 20 which reads:

Redesigned Tools & Workflow
•Powerful GUI front end for content authoring.
◦Can be easily extended with custom and pre-game assets
•Browser for quickly finding, managing, editing assets
•Simple, automatic compiling of content

To me that somewhat confirms the replacement of Valve’s current and god-awful SDK but we’ll have to wait and see for sure.


Those screens don’t really show anything amazing, just higher LODs on all the objects in the level. Source 2 will have to really step up to be on the same level as engines like UDK and Unity.


That’s a mighty fine engine for creating…hats!



Gosh add some leaves and everyone gets so excited. CLEARLY YOU ALL WORK FOR VALVE.



Exactly the explanation i needed :)



You know how it is. HDR comes in and gets overused, everybody gets excited. Motion blur comes in and gets overused, everybody gets excited. DOF comes in and gets overused, everybody gets excited. Looks like leaves are now the latest technology.



Company shills!


To stop being a total fuck for a little bit, the newly done version looks hot as.


Motion blur, PFAH. That shit gets turned off straight away in my gaming regime.


This is how it should be:
New Half-life Games signal a new era of graphics and story!
It was the same for HL and HL2, so it should be for HL3.


Gosh add some leaves and everyone gets so excited. CLEARLY YOU ALL WORK FOR VALVE.

Leaves, and also take the rival comparison shot at midnight during an eclipse.


Its a little hard to tell with those small pics at valvetime.net.

Guess it is only a matter of time until they officially reveal Source Engine 2 and if it will be in the same leagues as the next gen engines like Snowdrop Engine, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine 4th generation etc.


Is it just me or do these engines all look the bloody same nowadays?



Only so many ways you can draw a polygon I guess. A lot of the same tech is being used everywhere too which doesn’t help.

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