League of Legends players in the UK blocked by new anti-pornography filters

League of Legends

By on January 22, 2014 at 7:51 am

If you keep in touch with news coming out of the UK, you’ll know that Prime Minister David Cameron has spearheaded the introduction of a new, nation-wide anti-pornography filter that ISPs are forced to abide by when delivering content. There’s just one small problem (well actually there are a lot of problems) — League of Legends players are now being blocked from receiving their game updates.

According to a post on the official LoL forums, the problem is that some of the filenames required for the patch actually contain letters which, in sequence, spell out the word “sex”, such as “VarusExpirationTimer.luaobj” and “XerathMageChainsExtended.luaobj”. This is causing them to be flagged by the filter and blocked.

So spare a thought today for your summoner friends in the UK, and take a moment to remember how close we came.

Source: via VG247

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They filter *sex*

What **** wits


What a joke. Poor UKer’s fancy having the 4th Reich as your government. Luckily we just have incompetent morons as our government.


Was that last line supposed to be a pun? If so, excellent writing.

Nasty Wet Smear

It’s totally worth it to make sure that their children don’t have to be parented! Wouldn’t want those people who are willing to inject each other with DNA willy-nilly to have to actually monitor and control what their children do.


It’s totally worth it to make sure that their children don’t have to be parented! Wouldn’t want those people who are willing to inject each other with DNA willy-nilly to have to actually monitor and control what their children do.

Sex and nudity – much more eviler than drugs, weapons and fraud


Talk about backfiring. Now that they can’t access LoL they’ll have to go out and have teenage sex.


WTH, since when did the UK turn into South Korea?!


What about Microsoft Exchange, which is shortened to MSExchange all the time then?


LOl I grew up in NW London, you have no idea…..Life in UK is very very different to the near easy life of AU. But sayin that, you grow up harder in UK than you do in AU so people are much more……angry. Thus you get a political party called “The Tory party”, they make Abbot look like a fuckin shining beacon of humanity an tolerance by comparison.

Dont forget AU is getting this system an worse, its what happens when you lot vote in one of the most religiously fanatical fuckwits in AU history lol



Tony Abbot is the best thing to happen to Australia ever… said no one ever… Well, maybe a few people I know. Some how the ‘in fighting’ between the Labour party was far worse than a religious, sexist, racist, homophobic prime minister…

Politics aside, I remember when inputting words like Essex and such into searchs at school would get you flagged, even when the teachers themselves specifically tailored the assignments to include such words.

And I agree with some of the people above; of all the ‘bad’ things out there, and probably more so in the UK, pornography is the thing that needs to be cracked down on? Not violence, drugs or gangs? Sometimes I don’t understand the world.


It’s just “somebody think of the children” political pandering to keep all of the oldies and religious types who don’t understand this new-fangled smut-filled intertube thing happy.
Bonus is that they can accidentally filter out stuff that is against whatever they are pushing politically.


If I recall correctly, the bloody page promoting the damn filter was blocked by the filter….cause it contained many instances of the words!

Shouldn’t be surprised its so awful, what intelligent person would be willing to code the thing?


I remember hearing about a wine enthusiast who was wrestling with his email filter filtering for swear words and pornographic terms, every time it mentioned chardonnay the email would vanish. There are plenty of other words like that that would cause the filter to trigger too.


at least they can focus on playing dota 2 instead.



I concur.


hopefully this becomes a lesson to other government not to fuck-up with what we got now.
sure theres bad things on the internet but if you were to hide, ban, crucify anything thats dirty you might as well live the life of the jellyton amoeba at the end of i have no mouth and i must scream.

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