League of Legends now hosting 27 million players each day

League of Legends

By on January 29, 2014 at 2:24 pm

In a bid to crush the spirit of anybody else trying to make a video game at all, League of Legends developers Riot have revealed that over 27 million people — to be clear, that’s more than the entire population of Australia — are playing their game each and every day. Back in October 2012 only 12 million people were playing each day, which basically mean a spectacular amount of growth for the free-to-play MOBA.

Riot also now claims that their peak concurrent player count, which is the highest amount of people all playing simultaneously, is now at 7.5 million, a 50% increase over the 5 million they announced in March last year.

Asked to comment on the news, Riot CEO Brandon Beck escaped by diving into a pool of money in the fashion of Scrooge McDuck and disappearing.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Well isn’t that lovely. Good luck to them I say, I don’t really enjoy their game, but they’ve earned their success.


I’m somewhat unsure why; a game where you have to play to use half the heroes seems somewhat odd to me.

James Pinnell

Paying for a game is hardly new.


You don’t have to pay a single cent. I still don’t get why people have an issue with it. It’s called playing it a lot :B


I played a few games of it and found it didn’t stack up to DotA 2, plus the art style is way too anime-like for my taste.


such Lol hate here.
I have yet to pay 1c to play LOL, I own a fair few champs and they let you play different ones for free each week, even the new ones.
Nothing game changing cant be brought for IP which you earn every game you play (and really it doesn’t take that long).

As long as it stays this way I see no issues? Does DOTA 2 not do the exact same thing? Only played it a handful of times.

Having said that, I hate paid DLC.



All heroes in Dota2 are free and available immediately. The only way to maintain a balanced game.



Every community picks a side, this one just so happens to have picked DotA2. I find it easier to just not talk about League because a silly misinformed fight will inevitably start. :P



new anime art style? lool actually DOTA2 is the one with the “new” art style, LoL looks anime and not quite as graphical because it was made with the traditional art style of the mod for warcraft 3 that started the whole MOBA thing in the first place, keeping to its roots. Misinformed indeed…

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