League of Legends announces stable champion roster to help new players learn the ropes

League of Legends

By on January 20, 2014 at 6:47 pm

A new update has dropped for League of Legends, naturally moving the numbering scheme on from the 3.x of the old season to 4.x (in this case, 4.1) to herald the beginning of the 2014 season. Stacks of changes come with 4.1 – you can check them all out in the official patch notes if you’re interested.

One of the biggest changes for those not already trapped in the grip of MOBA dependency however, is the introduction of a stable champion roster for new players. Instead of getting to choose from the normal free-to-play rotation, new players will have a selection of champions hand picked for their slight learning curves and their popularity among new users. Once new players get to grips with the ins and outs of League of Legends they will be put back into the normal rotation.

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That’s good news I think! Dota 2′s complete roster is what got me into it over League in the first place, so good on them for changing their system a little. I think it will solidify League’s place as the more accessible MOBA.


“Once new players get to grips with the ins and outs of League of Legends they will be put back into the normal rotation.”

It seems rather then having a set few heroes always available for everyone they only have a limited time with a few that don’t change and only for new players.

I want to know when the rotations kick in, is it after so many wins, so many games played, or maybe based on the lvls.
If it’s based on wins then they could have trouble by getting *unlucky* games where they are carried and don’t actually learn anything, then get thrown out to rotations.
If it’s based on games played that could work, but I know people that have played 100 games and are still horrible, this way people have a certain amount of games they can possibly get a chance to learn with, and riot would seem like the big bad guy saying “if you aren’t good enough in 50 games too bad!”
In my opinion utilising the lvl system would be the best and safest route to go, perhaps lvls 1-10 get these free heroes, that gives them plenty of time to learn the game without the frustration of having to learn quickly.

The absolute best way they could go is to just make 10 heroes free for everyone forever, instead of getting new players interested with the heroes they are learning with then suddenly telling them they have to buy them now.


Fair call CJ, however you can’t hold people’s hands forever. Besides, there are plenty of people with 300+ wins that are still abysmal players :P It’s more a case of do you actually want to get better or are you just going through the motions?

In the last 3 weeks I’ve been actively learning some slightly more advanced tips like lane freezing, as much map awareness, taking golems when the lane is pushed up to let it reset and still get gold etc etc. All seems basic to anyone in silver+ but to people who never play ranked or have been carried along it’s probably a foreign language :P

The fixed roster thing is a good idea, especially if they’re playing normal 5v5 games as opposed to ARAM. By the time they lose the fixed roster people will hopefully have settled on a hero or two they like and unlocked them with their free IP :)


I think Riot may have painted themselves into a bit of a corner with so many champions vying for the same role… I know their business model pretty much depends on it (regular champion releases) and they just have to design their game around it, but when you see stuff like this infographic I put together showing champion pick rates it does kind of show how far out of hand the game has became since I played it in early beta…

If Riot intend for “bruiser top, solo mid AP, ranged ADC with support bot, plus jungler” to be the standard, do we really need so many interchangeable champions to begin with? (for those who don’t want to click through, basically 39 champions were completely unpicked in the summer LCS). I don’t think it’s a matter of balancing either, if there are 20 substitutes for one role, no matter how finely balanced they are 10 of them are always going to be better than the other 10, if even by a small bit. No game is immune to that problem: I’d characterize it as needless complexity… I think even a champion roster of 80 is good enough.



as you said though, their whole business model is based around new champions, they would have to change the core game, adding in a new mechanic then figure a way to price it to solve this.

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