Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an enormous open-world CryEngine 3 medieval sandbox

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

By on January 23, 2014 at 10:19 am

A new Czech Republic studio by the name of Warhorse, whose developers have worked on titles such as Mafia, Mafia 2, ArmA, Operation Flashpoint, Crysis 3, and Forza Horizon, have pulled the wraps off an impressive-looking new medieval RPG by the name of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Billing itself as an enormous sandbox, the game is set in a realistic medieval time period, with dungeons but no dragons, no magic, no wizards — just the proper stuff like sieges, horseback riding, smithing and gory first-person combat. Warhorse claim that the world will be filled with a complex ecosystem that gives NPCs proper routines and tracks your actions to give you realistic consequences, as well as a quest system that allows you to just wander around in the woods and ignore your responsibilities (if you like).

Check out the great-looking trailer below, or hit up their Kickstarter page right here for more.

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Wow, sounds good. Something to keep my eye on.


So it’s Mount and Blade: Warband except the whole world’s rendered? Sign me up.


Thats the part of Chivalry thats been missing…open world. Sign me up as well! :)


This game has got my interest, a lot of potential. But I would not expect it to have any co-op play which makes me sad.

I remember when all my friends and I started playing Skyrim at the same time, and we all just wished we could play it co-op together.


Saw this when randomly browsing the ‘recently launched’ category last night, Was backing after watching the gameplay demo.
Glad to see the amount of funding they are at this morning :D


Inb4 this finishes, gets a zombie mod and is better than DayZ before Bohemia manage to fix their zombies.


WOW this is one game that could give skyrim a run for its money no doubt


My dreams have come true! Authentic medieval swordplay looks awesome. Although im assuming they slowed down combat so it isn’t too rediculously fast paced.


They are off to an amazing start!

Those publishers they pitched too will be kicking themselves if this is anywhere near as popular as DayZ which is an example of a concept they would never have backed.

Time will tell if they can pull it off though…



Yeah it was that part of the pitch video that is the reason I hate the current state of the mainstream AAA gaming industry.
“There’s no dragons or wizards or magic – players want that..”

Ugh, not necessarily, this is why we’re in a stagnation of constant reboots and remakes and sequels numbering up in the 5+ range, publishers are too damn scared to try something new. Same with what Brian Fargo was saying back in his videos for Wasteland 2 and Torment I guess.

I too hope this goes above and beyond, which looking at the current rate of backing and the Kicktraq stats shouldn’t be that difficult.


Yep I’m all over this, in for $30. This is my dream game (along with Star Citizen) and another excuse to upgrade my PC next year :P


Have backed this – it looks quite promising!


I just became a Baron :D


This looks incredible!!!! Been waiting for a game like this, and that trailer had almost everything i’d want from a game like it. :D Impressive considering its still early in development :D




I am a little disappointed there are no female player characters, but, for the sake of authenticity I shall put that aside and be a male character *rolls eyes*. xD

In other news at the time of writing it is now 286,185/ 300,000.

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