Kickstarter Roundup (January 2014): Seven titles currently looking for your money

The Repopulation

By on January 24, 2014 at 5:09 pm

Kickstarter! It can be a confusing place, with so many games popping up, some of them only to burst a few days later, some of them limping along until the creator sadly pulls the plug with 24 hours to go. Some of them even make it across the line, while others get funded in seconds. So what’s going on in the world of Kickstarter? Here are seven titles you might have missed…

The Repopulation: A Sandbox MMORPG

  • Goal: $50,000
  • Currently: $123,113
  • Time Remaining: 70 hours
  • Platforms: Windows (no plan for Mac or Linux)
  • Kickstarter Link

The Repopulation (pictured above) is a free-to-play science-fiction MMORPG with emphasis on its sandbox elements. The developers really want you to understand that you can play this game any way you want. Of course, we’ve all heard that before, but Repopulation promises to let you advance your character through peaceful means or through combat, to use diplomacy, intimidation or force to get experience or resources or whatever it is you need to get by.

In terms of combat, two distinct styles are promised: Action Mode and RPG Mode. While Action Mode allows you to play in a way similar to an FPS, RPG Mode is said to work “like traditional RPG combat.” It does not specify which kind of RPG combat. Turn-based? Real-time? Real-time with pause? There also seems to be an element of micro-management and/or city-building — by managing your city you can affect its resources and happiness levels.

All in all, it seems like a very complicated game with many different aspects of gameplay. That could work out amazingly and be the free-form MMO we’ve all been waiting for, something with depth and meaning and world you can really affect. Or it could be the proverbial Jack of All Trades who, it turns out, can Master None — and just end up not doing anything particularly well. The long and short of it, however, is that The Repopulation has reached its funding goal, so really, it’s just about whether you want to get in on the ground floor.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

  • Goal: $800,000
  • Currently: $202,925
  • Time Remaining: 28 days
  • Platforms: Windows and Mac (possibly others in the future)
  • Kickstarter Link

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is another MMO, this time of more of a high fantasy bent. It comes from the brain of Brad McQuaid, the creator of EverQuest. The focus in Pantheon is co-operation: the developers would really like to see you work as a team and they’ll give you all kinds of incentives to do that. They also want to see a return to the MMOs of old in terms of gameplay style, which means, apparently, they want to reward you for the effort you put in and not the time, large or small. It’s kind of unclear.

Another unclear but intriguing dot point in the features list is that “earning experience is only a part of what it takes to level up.” They don’t go on to mention what else it takes, though, saying only that “exploring the world will provide knowledge and power.” Okay!

Pantheon sounds a lot like what Guild Wars 2 was promising not long ago. A “constantly expanding and evolving world” and “reactive combat driven by strategy and timing”. It all sounds so nice. But I’ve been hurt too many times before, Pantheon. Who is to say that your reactive combat won’t just be used to collect 20 wolf pelts or something along those lines? I’m a woman, I have needs. I need to be treated special, show me a good time, tell me why I should date you and not a hundred other MMOs out there?! Okay, this is getting a little personal. Moving on.

Goober’s World

  • Goal: $5,000
  • Currently: $498
  • Time Remaining: 19 days
  • Platforms: OUYA, XBox, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PC, Mac, OnLive, Linux and Steam (as far as I can tell)
  • Kickstarter Link

Goober’s World is being created by one-man studio Emergency Studios. It is a retro platformer that draws heavily on the artistic and gameplay styles of Nintendo classics. One in particular. See if you can guess which one! (It’s Mario.)

There’s puzzle solving, coin collecting, special powers and sweet bosses. There’s a story about the titular Goober saving the world from an evil spirit named Minus, but really, it took me a decade to realise Mario was trying to save someone and he wasn’t just running around all these wacky worlds having a great time.

To The Death

  • Goal: $400,000
  • Currently: $23,906
  • Time Remaining: 26 days
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux (via Steam)
  • Kickstarter Link

The team behind To The Death go to great lengths to assure you that their game is a whole new genre, the type of game you’ve just never played before. Well, they aren’t wrong, per se, but they aren’t quite right either, because To The Death is… a side-scrolling beat ‘em up. Or a shoot ‘em up. Some combination of both beating and shooting ‘em up. You see what I mean? It’s difficult to describe, but once you get there, it’s not that innovative.

You switch between two characters as they race toward each other. Now these two gentlemen: they hate each other very much. They hate each other so much, in fact, that they have killed each other. And now they continue to hate each other and fight. Despite being dead.

So anyway, they’re racing toward each other. You obliterate scores of enemies on your way into, uh, the middle? Where I think you either fight a level boss or the other guy. Maybe both? I’m not one hundred percent sure. You definitely fight someone though.

Just as it is both genre-defying and not, it is also both complicated and simple. The gameplay seems simple enough, but the concept itself seems quite difficult to grasp. Possibly because we’ve never seen anything like it? Who knows. The team, who also worked on games like Titanfall, have been working on To The Death since the beginning of 2013. The game is playable and runs at 60 FPS. So you can be pretty certain this is a good investment, if it’s your kind of thing.

Lunar Colony

  • Goal: $500
  • Currently: $3,163
  • Time Remaining: 6 days
  • Platforms: PC and Android Tablet (he mentions that it runs on the iPhone 5 as well, but it isn’t mentioned anywhere else so…?)
  • Kickstarter Link

This one’s by a local boy! From Perth, specifically. Lunar Colony is a building and mining simulator, where you are charged with building it so that they will come. You mine and manage your resources so that you can build structures for food, air and entertainment for your workers and other visitors. Once you’ve built the biggest colony you can, you can then move on to other uncolonised planets and do it again, this time better and with new assets to help you out.

To me, this strikes me as sort of SimCity in space — or an interesting take on that sort of genre, anyway. Once again, this one has already reached its funding goal, several times over in fact, due not least to the fact that the dev just wasn’t asking very much. So, again, it’s pretty much about whether you’d like to get in on the ground floor of this one, especially since the dev now presumably has the funds to take it even further and make it even better.

Wayward Terran Frontier

  • Goal: $50,000
  • Currently: $10,726
  • Time Remaining: 22 days
  • Platforms: Windows at the moment and hopefully Linux and Mac later (Steam Greenlight)
  • Kickstarter Link

Wayward Terran Frontier is a neat-looking little space sim. Well, I mean, it’s not actually a space sim. Its creator calls it a “mix of a space trader and an exploration-based action role-playing game,” which is a little all over the place. Let’s just call it a space sim.

This one strikes me as sort of like Privateer, with graphics closer to Wing Commander II. When you receive the game though, it will come with the server software so you can host network games and hopefully Internet games, with your friends. Which is something I always wanted Privateer to do.

Like Privateer, you can play as a trader, sticking close to home and following supply and demand, or you can take your little ship out into the vast nothingness and explore the galaxy’s secrets and find your fortune.

That ship I mentioned — well, you can custom build it. You and your friends can build a ship between them and share the responsibility, or you can make yourself a little one-man craft and live by your own rules. There will also be modding capability and a working, but not dynamic, economy. If this sounds like a game that would interest you, Wayward Terran Frontier already has a working tech demo in which you can fiddle around with the building of a ship! Sounds neat.

Project Rain World

  • Goal: $25,000
  • Currently: $38,460
  • Time Remaining: 20 days
  • Platforms: PC and Mac
  • Kickstarter Link

Rain World deals with the adventures and hardships of something called a slugcat. That might not sound particularly nice, but let me assure you, it is adorable. It is a lovely looking 16-bit platformer that requires stealth and reflexes as the slugcat runs around desperately trying to eat while also not be eaten. The environment is also out to get you, apparently, as the rain on Rain World is deadly.

It is a lovely looking game, and the developers have been working on it for three years already. As you can see, it has already passed its funding goal with most of a month left to go. If you need more proof that this was one to watch, I was going to link you to its Steam Greenlight profile, only to learn that it has already been greenlighted. So it’s coming, and it’s coming to Steam.

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I wish someone would kickstart a new NOLF or Arcanum :/

Lunar Colony sounds interesting.


Don’t forget La-Mulana 2. About 87k from the goal
First one seems to have a bit of a cult following, atleast I seem to remember people going crazy with excitment when it got greenlit on Steam.


Hrm, might throw some bucks at Wayward Terran Frontier, and maybe Project Rain World just because I like the idea of Slugcat


I agree we definitely need another NOLF. Best eavesdropping on henchman conversations ever.


This should be a regular monthly thing. Also, you should do something similar for Steam Greenlight.


Already backed The Repopulation, To The Death & La-Mulana 2 this month.


I agree we definitely need another NOLF. Best eavesdropping on henchman conversations ever.

Oh that monkey discussion was awesome :D


Long time reader, first time signing up-erer. Please make this a regular feature. I loved RPS’s I think it was fortnightly Kickstarter articles, but then they stopped suddenly like 4 months ago.


LOL!!! i go to uni with the person/ppl who created lunar Colony. His team did it for a uni unit where we had to create a game using Unity. Thats funny that they decided to put it up on kickstarter. Go them

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