Homefront 2 early test footage online, COD-like RC-car and menus teased


By on January 24, 2014 at 7:37 am

There’s never quite been a game that’s disappointed me in the way Homefront did. I still remember having a blast in Sydney’s CBD at a multiplayer session, only to walk up to the 2K PR guy and, astonishingly, hear that he was only expecting a Metacritic score of roughly 70. After playing the single-player campaign – all two and a half hours of it – I understood what he was getting at, but that still didn’t make it any easier to breach the sheer gulf of disbelief, frustration and anger that followed.

So forgive me if I’m a little sceptical on Homefront 2. VG 24/7 are reporting that footage of the game was actually posted back in August, although it appears to have gone largely under the radar until now. The video only has around 27,000 views, which isn’t a great deal for teaser footage.

It’s a bit grainy and low-quality, but it’s still fun if you want to get a peek at the state of the game. There’s an email address posted throughout the video, one I imagine has probably been spammed about 27,000 times but now, but who knows? Send them a picture of a pancake or something. They might be grateful.

Source: Thanks, VG 24/7!

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gulf of disbelief, frustration and anger? You need to get out more, you are taking your games way too seriously.



Is it not his job to take them serious?


i thought the Homefront 1 was excellent :) i enjoyed the 3-4 hr campaign, and have played it 3 times now. MP was fun too, while it was populated. Happy to wait for HF2.


There isnt many games that upset me like Homefront. If that came out in 2007 instead of 2011 it would of quite possibly been on of the greatest games of all time. Conceptually I couldnt of been more excited .. executed it was a mess.

I decided this about 2 hours in when I was attempting to climb a ladder that wouldnt allow me to only to have the NPC push me out the way due to his animation and then climbing it… a second later I could climb it.

In saying this, with crytek and the cryengine .. I am very excited for this game.


The first game was one of my more regrettable purchases after being so excited for it.


The multiplayer was still great fun…


I quite enjoyed Homefront as it was very similar to Frontlines Fuel of War. While the singleplayer was only 4 hours which was ok, but I had way more fun in multiplayer with 500+ hours.

Looking forward to seeing Crytek’s envision of the game.


Hopefully this can be Crytek’s saving grace after the disappointment of Crysis 3. I also hope they sort their Netcode out and stop using P2P as if anything has been proven in the last few years, it’s that P2P for an FPS is just a waste of spoof.


I really really liked Homefront. I thought it was a solid game.
Horses for courses.


Multiplayer was pretty good. It died down fast though because of all the nerdy ragers bagging it who probably hadn’t even played it.

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