Game of the Year 2013: Your votes, your results (and our laptop winner!)

Game of the Year 2013 Reader Awards

By on January 21, 2014 at 3:56 pm

After spending all of 2013 shoving our thoughts and opinions down your eyeballs, it was time to give something back. So we partnered up with Metabox, who as you know make the world’s finest gaming laptops, and we decided to give away $2,400 of glorious gaming rig all in the name of science and democracy.

Now, after the dust has settled, it’s time to see who the winners were. What were your choices for 2013? Take a look below…

Everyone please congratulate theBoofhead on their victory, and thanks again to everyone who took part! Here are some other great entries that unfortunately didn’t make it.

There is no other game on Earth that makes you appreciate the real talent behind every other game, movie and book ever made (not just those with the Alien concepts). I have rediscovered the outside world as well thanks to Aliens: Colonial Marines. No other could have achieved this.

– Tarrasque on Aliens: Colonial Marines

You see a ship in the distance. It has a sugar and rum which can be sold for a lot of gold. You order your men to fire upon it with the on-board mortars and as soon as you get close they fire the chain-shot destroying one of the enemy ship’s masts. You steer hard to port to line up the broadside cannons and on your mark your men set off every one of them peppering the enemy ship with cannon ball shaped holes.

With the ship finally disabled you swing down from a mast, land on an enemy, jam your sword through his chest, shoot another two dead and finally assassinate the captain of the ship. The timber from the ship will repair the damages to yours and the rum and spice will be enough to add more cannons to the broadside.

That is why I choose this game.

– Russacky on Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Ride to Hell: Retribution is a genius satirical criticism of the current state of videogame culture. The hyperbolic depictions of violence and sex blend so smoothly into the pretense of “just another AAA action game” that you even begin to enjoy the atrocities you commit. However, as the plot progresses, you are presented with the real and horrifying ramifications of the actions that the game (like many others today) seem to glorify. It becomes clear that the game’s protagonist was intentionally designed to be shallow to allow you to identify yourself as Jake, to feel the remorse for your actions within the game. As the game pushes you down a spiraling pit of guilt and depression, you begin to open your eyes to the horrors that you took such joy in committing during the first act of the game. For this reason, I vote it best game of the year.

– Deux D on Ride to Hell: Retribution

Best screenplay, best director, best costumes, best set design, best visual effects, best supporting actress… you don’t have *any* of these categories, so I gave it GOTY instead.

So there.

– ooshp on BioShock Infinite

Tomb Raider was an unexpected cinematic masterpiece. I loved Bioshock Infinite for its action and the story was incredible but it didn’t effect me on an emotional level like Tomb Raider. I honestly felt for Lara and this, combined with the horrifically graphic animations, made me want to keep her alive. I tried hard to get her through and I was proud to accompany her on her journey. The game never overstayed its welcome in any one section but gave a great sense of achievement. I appreciated the hand-holding was there when I wanted it but never took control from me if I wanted to find my own way. This allowed me to feel progression as I became aware of what to look for. I felt I was the one on the adventure, not just Lara’s puppeteer. An incredible experience I want to take again as soon as possible.

– Panning on Tomb Raider

It’s difficult to describe the relentless glory that spurts from my monitor whenever I play Europa Universalis IV. There is some kind of simple beauty to sending an entire generation of my nation’s youth to die of attrition in the barren wastes of some worthless enemy province just so I can gain some prestige upon my eventual and unnecessarily costly victory. The game is also a great outlet for my inner tyrant. Imperial conquest and the repression of foreign cultures has never been so much fun! The ability to influence trade routes through the thoughtful placement of a finite number of merchants as well as trade fleet also adds great strategic depth and allows (relatively) smaller nations, such as the Netherlands, to gain incredible wealth. I also love taking powers that historically fell, like the Mamluks, and bringing them to everlasting global domination. EUIV has endless replayability.

– camzmcspazzy on Europa Universalis IV

ARMA 3 just has it all. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want. You can play as seriously as you want or mess around. The modding community is huge with new content being released all the time. Most of the ARMA 2 stuff has been ported over already making ARMA 3 more than just a standalone, its an upgrade for ARMA 2′s engine. It’s beautiful, terrifying, fun and immersive game play like no other.

– arca07 on ArmA 3

A unique asymmetrical game, where the use of teamwork and strategic combat keeps bringing me back month after month.

It also has that old-school multilayer FPS magic that the ‘Battlefields’ of today lost. Factions with unique weapons and handling as opposed to over-saturation of customizable freak-weapons (here’s a knife with a sniper scope). Combat where ‘lone wolf’ or ‘rush’ tactics that have defined the genre for so long are either tank meat or casualties in the game forums.

A unique game where the bolt action rifle is the weapon of choice and a team equipped with (seemingly) superior automatic weapons can be defeated is (in my view) better than one where twitch reflexes determine the victor in a chaotic festival of random (predictable) individuals.

– Kanzer on Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm

In a year of buggy, underwhelming or outright overhyped messes, I was honestly not expecting anything from the Tomb Raider reboot (was not a huge TR fan to begin with). Completely blew me away (once I disabled the most realistic hair ever). Haven’t enjoyed a game that much on my first playthrough in such a long time. It felt almost like playing Ocarina of Time again for the first time. Story, voice acting, atmosphere and most importantly for me, the game felt like it had a soul. That It wasn’t just churned out, pushed through or had a suit sitting over the devs telling them how to make a game and who it should be targetting. God awful marketing campaign aside, the game was a spectacular SP affair.

– Pudgeinabowl on Tomb Raider

Papers Please takes a boring concept and flips on its head creating the most nerve-wracking experience of stamping a passport and hoping that printer doesn’t start spooling a infringement notice.

– uppy on Papers, Please

Saints Row IV managed to do something that no game has done since i was 10. Squeal out loud in delight and genuine enjoyment. Who hasn’t wanted to have a dragon ball Z style fight with a giant beast, flying through the air, hurling fireballs, cars and electrified people. Fun, thy name is Saints Row IV.

– iambeanie on Saint’s Row 4

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Congrats theBoofhead!


Congratulations mate!


Congratulations, the Boofhead! I’m super chuffed that I even got a mention :).


Nice job, that was a great entry! Absolutely deserves it.

Was kind of keen to see how the results of this would go.


Grats theBoofhead!

My only nitpick is in the Overall Game of the Year, Battlefield is spelt wrong. ;)

One day I’ll get around to playing Bioshock Infinite.


shuth: My only nitpick is in the Overall Game of the Year, Battlefield is spelt wrong. ;)

ARGH I knew I’d let a spelling error slip through. Thanks!


Also not bad choices GON Community don’t agree with BF4 being GOTY runner up but oh well.



Nar, congrats theBoofhead, no hard feelings. :)


Congrats theBoofhead.


I heard theBoofhead is a console gamer and is planning to use the laptop as a media player.

Now, whilst everyone is lynching him, I’m going to steal the laptop :)


No love for FC3: Blood Dragon? I’M ASHAMED FOR ALL OF GON!!!



I know right? It’s a disgrace, that game’s so awesome it should have been 1st place in every single category.


congrats boofhead, and ditto on Blood Dragon


Gratz to all!


Good job olde chum

this piece from the original article…

” But how do I enter?

Easy! Just take the following survey….

(That’s an embedded Google form, if it doesn’t load just refresh the page.)

That’s all there is to it! Cast your votes before the end of the competition and you’ll be in the running to win. Good luck! ”

So it wasnt a random lottery style competition?

i guess i never had a chance as i wrote half a dozen words…


Only just found out about this.
Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! That wasn’t expected….
Thanks everyone for your congrats. I don’t post here often, but I’m a long time reader and lurker. It feels awesome to get such nice comments from everyone on my favourite games site.
And getting the laptop isn’t too shabby either!



I did the same as you. Thought it would be pot luck.

Enjoy the laptop!



You deserve it champ, enjoy! :)


I will just leave this here…



Sorry chief, the mob’s already spoken. <_<

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