EVE Online’s largest battle coined The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, recapped by devs

EVE Online

By on January 31, 2014 at 4:58 pm

There’s battles in EVE Online and then there’s battles. The most recent saw over US$200,000 of in-game equipment blown to pieces, all because one alliance was a week late on rent. But what ensued resulted in the destruction of so many capital ships – remember, Titans “take thousands of man hours to produce, take months to train to fly, and are capable of fitting massive doomsday weapons that obliterate lesser ships with a single volley” – that will have an impact in the EVE universe, potentially forever.

So, if you’re developers CCP, what do you do? Write about it, of course.

“Missed bill payments are certainly not new to the human experience nor are they to EVE Online. Human error has caused many a system to lapse. Sometimes it merely means that another Territorial Control Unit (a flag of sorts) has to be anchored in space to regain control of the system … this particular system however happened to be the staging system for all Pandemic Legion fleets in one of the largest wars to ever be waged in EVE Online,” the post says.

This particular lapse in concentration ended up being the catalyst for what seems to be the final battle for The Halloween War, which CCP says went on for months. The turning point ended up being an overcommitment by one side on a particular Titan, which ended up being traded for five other Titans. “After successfully focusing fire to destroy several CFC/RUS Titans and causing some Russian Titans to jump out of the system with shields and armor depleted, PL/N3 began to overestimate their success and the primary target was switched to the Titan of Sort Dragon, one of fourteen members of the current Council of Stellar Management and the man coordinating all the Russian Forces left on field. His Titan successfully withstood the onslaught more than any so far with the assistance of his entire fleet actively working to repair it and very high damage resistance bonuses. By the time his structure was finally breached, the CFC/RUS forces had killed 5 Titans in return. From this point on, every volley cycle of the CFC/RUS Titan doomsdays put them further and further ahead.”

I can never commit to EVE Online. I tried once, but the size and scale, considering I was on my own and had no in-game friends or support, was too much. Doesn’t stop me from being blown away by the enormity of the economy and the battles that ensue.

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WTF was going on?


I was there…

I flew around in an inty looting stuff!



Smart man lol.


Never been terribly interested in getting into this game, that said all the stories and stuff that come out of it are always interesting. More than any other MMO this seems to have a real breathing history to it, I can understand why it’s lasted this long.


I don’t get it, but it’s amazing.


I have some friends that play it, and they have said many times that EVE doesn’t have a learning curve it has a learning cliff.

I also have no real idea what was going on but it looks cool.

Nasty Wet Smear

In space, nobody can hear your bank account reach $0.


I have lots of hours in EVE and have followed most paths… piracy, care-bearing, war-decs, zero-sec fleet engagements… and I still have no idea hpw the game really works. Eventually I decided I’d be better off reading about it and sure enough, EVE delivers thrills and spills without me having to pay a cent.

It truly is another reality and is one of the most special games ever made.


Murray Hibble,

I couldn’t agree more mate. I’m with you on most of that list except piracy. Such a magic game, it’s what a MMO should be in my eyes.
They made the tools for the players to create a living world; and make a world of it they did. Just the Diplomatic Corps within those large Corporations astound me.

I’ll never forget my time in EVE but I don’t think I could go back. I just requires way too much of your focus to be successful.


Is it just me or does it look like virtually nothing is happening in this video. I can see a whole heap of large looking ships, all facing in random directions. It appears to me that only one ship is firing at all. In a war shouldn’t there be lots of things fighting? Having only played eve for 20 mins and finding it incredibly boring I can’t say this video changes that opinion any.



It’s Time Dilation – or TIDI.
Instead of lag, everything is slowed down. It was at 10% for this fight. So everything was a lot slower.

I was there, I got out while I could though, and came back in a salvaging and looting destroyer.
All the big wrecks were looted though. But I did manage to get 300m worth of stuff, so that was pretty cool.

From all of this came one awesome and funny loss: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21610495


I could never play EVE but i love reading about it.


Is it just me or does it look like virtually nothing is happening in this video. I can see a whole heap of large looking ships, all facing in random directions. It appears to me that only one ship is firing at all. In a war shouldn’t there be lots of things fighting? Having only played eve for 20 mins and finding it incredibly boring I can’t say this video changes that opinion any.

That video is a distance away from the fight as well, if you were to get in closer to the action you would see heaps of missiles being fired and random other weapons.

The big beams of light would be the doomsday weapons being fired from a Titan.

Also there are people jumping in and out of that fight.


I was there in my Flycatcher (flying on CFC side) trying to stop the enemy from leaving. Funny thing was a light interdictor is not expected to survive for any amount of time at all yet i spent about 6.5 hours there and got shot at once.
The enemy who were supposed to be killing us and allowing their titans to leave; instead turned to looting their allies wrecks and allowed their side to get wasted lol.

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