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The Elder Scrolls Online

By on January 24, 2014 at 7:57 am

Speaking of bandwagons that keep rolling on, the Elder Scrolls Online juggernaught continues to gain steam. It’s not actually released, of course, but one imagines the launch will be bloody almighty when it does. God knows I’ve prepared my body for it. Have you? No? Shameful.

Either way, there’s some new footage to talk about. In a new developer play session posted on Youtube, creative director Paul Sage, dungeon lead Dan Crenshaw and lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle take us through some of ESO’s group gameplay. “What we wanted to do is provide friction elements to really get people involved in other people, because we don’t want to force you to play others, we want to encourage it,” Sage says.

The first thing shown is an “overland boss monster”, although teleporting to wayshrines and other encounters are shown off later on. There’s a good mix of gameplay from the third and first-person views and the trio even have a small discussion about the pros and cons of each. “I know a lot of the guys around here like to play in third-person because of the situational awareness, but almost every time I’ll play in first person, just because I like the level of detail it provides and some of the cues are easier to read,” Sage noted.

Unlike my reticence with some of the previous videos, this one has got me completely hype. So watch it for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Thanks, Massively!

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It looks as if 3rd person is going to be the go to perspective for endgame content for the extra awareness. Which is a shame because 1st person is mainly what I will use entirely.
The content looked fairly in tune to what the current elder scrolls offer just with more people.
I don’t know really, I don’t want to get my hopes up over what I know about it so far like a very great deal of others, I just have a strong feeling it’s going to fall flat on content rather then game play.
Time will tell.



Yeah it’s a shame considering almost no one plays TES games in 3rd person.


I definitely don’t.


Meh, no trinity no care… how can you have meaningful progression or decent fight mechanics when everything is a zerg? All I saw in that video was 2 guys fighting one mob and a bunch of people zerging adds in another encounter with no structure at all.

Their “masses of action” is just uncoordinated spamming, it might sound nice in theory but the whole “everyone can do anything” design mentality doesnt work in MMO’s.

I’m dying for a new MMO to play but i just dont see anything particularly attractive here (except that bridge), I don’t see how it can compete with what Wildstar are showing off.


I agree, I think the no core group dynamic is really messy and is really a step backwards.

First person view is a terrible idea for MMOs unless you have a really solid action focused combat system. Even the 3rd person is way too close and low, just reminds me of an action console game not a proper MMO.



Considering we’re basically begging devs to try something new with MMOs (which are horribly stagnating), something a bit different might be good. I’m not saying its hugely innovative, but its certainly a bit different. Having played the ‘trinity’ to death so many times in so many games, a bit of openness would be nice. TES (despite not being multiplayer) has, at least in my mind, encouraged players to dabble in different skills and abilities to let them tank, DPS and heal (in any combination). Sure sticking to one line of thinking will make you better at it, but spreading skills around makes it much more interesting.



It’s a case of the usual.
“We want it to stay the same as elder scrolls in terms of game play et cetera, But make sure you change the core game play to suit our pre defined roles for other mmos”



To be fair, my 4 year old daughter preferred playing Skyrim in 3rd person.. Until even she realized how much more enjoyable 1st person is.

I’ve a feeling the need for 3rd person in ESO will detract from all that is Elder Scrolls.

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