DayZ Standalone: Rule Chernarus with these gameplay tips


By on January 21, 2014 at 12:55 pm

DayZ is a brutal game, and the new standalone edition — which every man and his dog is buying — is even more brutal than the original mod. So if you’re one of the many jumping into the game for the first time, Junglist has put together this quick tips video to help you avoid being axed to death by the very first survivor you meet. Take a look.

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Nice article, and good to see you popping up Junglist!


Yeh nice rundown, makes me wanna play it.


OW my ears! Could have mixed it better…


I’m 30 seconds in and already confused by the video…. there are zombies in Dayz?


as a solo’er none of these tips are helpful

if you have a rifle as a solo’er , as soon as you are spotted you are shot at.

its actually safer to run around with no weapon at all


Looks like a world populated by griefers and haters.


My experiences, as a solo’er, have been negative. No weapon, weapon, whatever. No one has ever asked for surrender. No one has ever given me a chance. Kill, loot, move on. Never a chance before doing so.

So, now I have my camo, my backpack, my M4A1 with a RDS and 60 round mag and a bipod, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for all of you.


There isn’t really any point in getting someone to surrender, they either try to go out fighting and you shoot them anyway, or they log out once you have cuffs on them and you’ve got nothing and in fact lost your cuffs.


If you want to solo, play like a ninja. Stay in the shadows. Scope out places first before blindly running in. Then remove your pants and run through Elektro screaming on direct.


Jonathan Maloney: My experiences, as a solo’er, have been negative. No weapon, weapon, whatever. No one has ever asked for surrender. No one has ever given me a chance. Kill, loot, move on. Never a chance before doing so.So, now I have my camo, my backpack, my M4A1 with a RDS and 60 round mag and a bipod, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for all of you.

lol. Haven’t gotten into the new version after playing lots of the mod. Is it worth getting now or just waiting until its finished (2017 maybe?).

Unfortunately my travels in Dayz (mod) weren’t good – I would always assume the person I come across is friendly then would be shot dead after a good chat, and I turn around to walk away.


Ah, nothing like running for a year to find some military weapons on an empty server only to have people log in, in the building you’re in, and kill you when you thought you were alone.


SniperRifleZ? instant log-outs for cowards when shit hits the fan? gear hunting across servers? No thanks, unfortunately..


Are you guys for real? So much negativity. Combat Logging and server-hopping will be fixed ‘within weeks’ according to Rocket, so you can stop stressing about that. The idea that someone logs into the same room as you and kills you is implausible, because anyone who loads in with a gun in their inventory triggers about a million “reload” audio samples when they log in anywhere at the moment – if you hear a billion reloads nearby, stop what you are doing and pay attention to your immediate surroundings. In this video you can hear, inside the opening seconds, me ask my team whether they’d just reloaded their weapons to find out if someone was logging in nearby.

And you can get people to surrender all the time. ALL the time. In my experience, most people will surrender. In Jung’s video, you see me, Jung and a friend rob two dudes who are heavily armed and specifically intent on killing us (you can’t see it from Jung’s angle, but it’s very obvious from mine). They still surrender once we make it clear they’re not going to get away with it.

Soloing is rough, but it gives you other opportunities. Leave the long weapons alone, keep a revolver in your jacket and run around like a halfway kitted newspawn and run the old honeypot scam. Bandits roll in, see you’ve got some gear, start to rob you and while they’re looking in your bag you pop ‘em and get away.

But yeah, you don’t want to solo. Why not get a GON community together? The only thing that makes crewing with randoms tough is that you never know when they’ll turn on you, but if you can call someone out on the forums – ehhh might as well right?

PS The_Pharoah Rocket said in a Reddit AMA today that he recommends waiting a month before buying in.


Is there still sniper rifles in game? you know, the clutch weapon for basically the entire population, the 1 or 2 shot camping god-mode, 100% safe from miles away with no chance of retaliation?

Maybe having them wont be *as* bad when server hopping for gear is fixed, as their apparently rare. As long as guns dont last forever though, otherwise even if rare each server will eventually become abundant with them as each one is found and passed around permanently.

(not sure if a durability mechanic is in already or not, havent really looked into DayZ after finding out its basically SniperZ and ServerHopZ, way back when the mod was new.)

Apart from this problem and the other 2 i mentioned in my last post then yeah DayZ could/would be awesome by all accounts. I wasnt negative for no reason, and if those reasons are fixed then sweet, cant wait.


Sniper Rifles will always feature in the game. At the moment, the best you can get is the Mosin with a Long Range scope, or the M4 with an ACOG scope. The LR scope on the Mosin doesn’t have stadia lines, so it’s effective up to around 300 metres. The M4 with a bipod can hit targets at around 400m, but it’s 556 ammo so anything less than a headshot isn’t a killshot that far out.

As far as I know, the AS50s of the mod will not be coming to DayZ SA.

They introduced weapon cleaning kits with the latest patch, but weapon degradation doesn’t exist yet.


Joab Gilroy,

19:00 in, see how far he was shooting – 19:21…

Seems the mosin can still easily be used as a sniper rifle from major distances thanks to scope and zoom and since there is no weapon degradation currently, theres gonna be plenty of rifles with plenty of scopes getting arund before long.

Looks like my wait hasnt ended yet, maybe another year or 2.


If you don’t want to play in the game because 500m shots can be made (around the distance Frankie was shooting at – inaccurately, mind you) then your wait is infinity amount of time. Don’t play it. It’s an open world game with guns. There will always be someone with a scope capable of estimating range to some extent. Weapon degradation isn’t going to change that.

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