DayZ standalone beta to launch end of 2014 at best, devs say


By on January 10, 2014 at 6:33 am

So more than a few people are enjoying the DayZ standalone Early Access alpha it seems. According to a blog post from the DayZ developers, more than 875,000 of you within three weeks are enjoying the anti-game to end all anti-games. So that’s quite a feat. But just because you’ve pitched in your hard earned cash doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the beta any time sooner.

“We strongly advise you not to buy and play the game at this stage unless you clearly understand what Early Access means and are interested in participating in the ongoing development cycle,” the post reads. “Please keep in mind that we do not expect to reach Beta status sooner than the end of 2014.”

However, that doesn’t mean the team won’t be adding more features to the game to keep players interested. After thanking the community for their support, Bohemia Interactive’s Marek Spanel outlined the current roadmap:

  • Server performance, stability and security
  • Animals & hunting
  • Cooking & gathering resources
  • Playable user customizable vehicles
  • Player created constructions in the environment
  • More complex interactions with the environment and crafting options
  • Streamlined user actions and interface
  • Control and animations expanded and improved for fluidity
  • Upgraded graphics and physics engine (including ragdoll, etc.)
  • Support of user mods and more flexibility for user hosted servers and game types

Cooking sounds intriguing to me. Maybe there’s hope for a DayZ Iron Chef competition down the road yet.

Source: Thanks, VG247!

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Just because it sold well doesn’t mean people are enjoying it.
probably more like people were hoping to enjoy it, I know I was.

Maybe people enjoy it but I personally don’t know anyone who does yet.
Mostly because it is so broken, from hacking to the same bugs as were in the first version of the mod.

as for it maybe working by the end of 2014 well I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ll be busy in star citizen by then even though they aren’t having full release until at least 2015.


I haven’t played the game, but wouldn’t the game be feel rather “dated” should it be released sometime in 2015? Seeing that Arma 2 is a somewhat dated experience and there most likely will be a new fad diet in gaming?



I hope for the good of gaming that projects/products like Day-Z are more than just a fad. I cringe to think that all we have to look forward to is BF5 through to BF145.


they using a hybrid engine, infact its nearly arma 3 engine they got so many bits n peices from it and only bringing more over

the game can look really nice, however it runs like a dogs breakfast in towns so yah gota turn most of it off , and everyone says optimisations still to come, well ive been playing arma for over 10 years, and its always the same cos the engine is so heavily cpu bound and t he engine still is only a 32bit single core (mostly) thing, even my 4.6ghz hex core 3930k cant keep 30fps in towns. video card usage is very low you can get away with using a 560ti

just the start menu but shows the world and my character is the gear i have currently.

anyhoo the game can be fun or extreeeemly boring, depending on the type of person you are
i find it rather peaceful walking or jogging throo the forrests or alone the beaches :)

and when somone you cant see (or didnt know was there) fires at you and misses, your heart skips a beat and it really scares the shit out of you unlike many other games

anyhoo rambling

its not for everyone


they using a hybrid engine, infact its nearly arma 3 engine

You can’t say that, The Day-z standalone is ruined because they didn’t use ARMA3. Everyone knows that and if you think differently from that I’ll go tell the mob and they will all come here and scream you down for hoping that Day-Z won’t suck.

How dare you defend a man who gave the gaming world a fantastic experience for free, shame on you.

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