Borderlands 2 will receive colour-blind mode in new patch

Borderlands 2

By on January 29, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Those with colour vision deficiency — it’s more common than you think! — will be pleased to note that Borderlands 2 is soon to receive a colour-blind mode.

Jeffrey Broome, the programmer who worked on the new mode, explains that colour-blind gamers will be able to choose from options for Deuteranopia, Protanopia, or Tritanopia, depending on which type of CVD they experience.

The mode will also add textual descriptions of colours to weapon info boxes to enable people to make accurate decisions about which guns to keep and which guns to throw away.

Read the full breakdown of Broome’s work here at the Gearbox Blog.

Source: via Anthony Burch

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This might have helped when me and my mates were playing it on their TV, which had died to the point of being able to display any colour other than green. Made Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunter even more creepy.


Wish more games would gave it at launch, so many get it long after I’ve finished playing it.


That is cool as shit. BF4, regardless of the what happened with it, has fucking kick arse CVD support. No more getting shot by the enemy cos I thought they were my team mates.


This is good news as I struggle with games like planetside in which they decided to use every colour of the rainbow for squad mates, team mates and enemies and it makes it nearly impossible for me to know whos who.

However, I never really had a problem with BL2.



All 7 of them ?



All 7 of them ?

Yeah about that. 3 factions and up to 4 squads in a platoon. So there would be 7 individual colours. I wish I could tell you if they were part of a rainbow.


matty: Yeah about that. 3 factions and up to 4 squads in a platoon. So there would be 7 individual colours. I wish I could tell you if they were part of a rainbow.

I think there are at least 10 actually. You can change the colours of faction units independently of their structures. Plus the squad and platoon leaders have their own gold colour.

I set my colours up using the full spectrum. Hues of red for enemies and cool hues for friendlies.

BTW, you do know that you can change all of these colours including the squad colours?


Yeah, but being colour blind my options are limited. Yellows/green/orange/gold look the same, blues/purples/violets and some pinks look the same (I basically couldn’t tell if land was owned by NC or Vanu with the vanilla colours), greys/pinks light blues are hard, reds/greens/browns. Don’t get me started on those pastel shades.

My colours go like this. My team = yellow. Enemy team (both) = white, Red sinks into the background to easily for me. Contrasting colours like this is pretty much the only way I can quickly ID someone (espeically in the heat of a massive PS2 battle), just being able to change colours doesn’t always work for me (especially with a game that has so many different colours), so my system is anything white = needs to die, anything not white = needs healing.


matty: (I basically couldn’t tell if land was owned by NC or Vanu with the vanilla colours)

That wasn’t just you. They looked pretty close to me too and I’m colour-sighted AFAIK.


I just changed one to green and it was all good. Don’t get me wrong, planetside has huge respect from me for letting me change the colour. Most games won’t even give you the option to.


a bit late now that me and my mates have played it through already…

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