Battlefield 4 vehicle balance changes in the works, Mobile Anti-Aircraft to be nerfed

Battlefield 4

By on January 29, 2014 at 4:15 pm

DICE have detailed — a few days ago, admittedly, but whatever — some of the changes they’re looking to make in future patches of Battlefield 4 in order to keep the game balanced for vehicle combat.

One of the major changes is a nerf to the Mobile Anti-Aircraft (MAA) which will see its total amount of missiles dropped, as well as its 20mm cannon tweaked. The physical impact of anti-aircraft missiles has also been adjusted to prevent helicopters flipping over when struck.

The M2 SLAM has also been tweaked, changing it so that you’ll have to be a lot closer — half the previous distance in fact — when using it in order to achieve maximum damage.

Take a look at the upcoming plans here.

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Well, why don’t they just remove MAA altogether. This game just gets more retarded the more they fuck with it. I might just switch over to Arma 3.

Do they actually realise that 20mm AA rounds will rip a chopper apart in sustained fire? Nerfing AA just makes the platform redundant. How about the players who have a problem with AA (ie, those flying around) work with ground teams to neutralise the AA threat and perhaps lengthen spawn time and amount on armour assets to make players look after their vehicles a bit better. Add some strategy to the game and less bloody spam.

As it is, I haven’t played in weeks due to shitty netcode, and won’t be going back until it’s fixed.


AA doesn’t need a nerf… it just needs to explode if you’re in base protection for more than 30 seconds after you get into it (that and be removed from that one china rising map).

Likewise scout choppers don’t need a damage nerf, they just need to stop and entire squad of engineers with stingers from making them invincible. A damage nerf does nothing if they’re still just unkillable.

It doesnt help that most servers have jacked up vehicle spawns… THAT is what ruins the balance. There should not be another gunship/littlebird/aa in the map instantly when the old one dies, there needs to be that time penalty for losing it.



The scale of the maps makes it hard for aircraft and AA to be accurate as far as ranges and damage go, but I agree that AA is something that they have never managed to get right in any BF game.

If an aircraft gets in very close range of an AA gun the aircraft would get absolutely torn to pieces, I feel a solution would be to make AA guns crazy deadly but with a very short range. They should be tiny little no go zones for aircraft or else instant death. This would help break up the linear nature of the (recent) BF games and bring back the rock,paper,scissors type contests. Tank destroys AA, AA destroys aircraft, aircraft destroys tank, it is a simple idea that works well but has been lacking recently.



I’m with you there, but it’s kind of an old story.
DICE aparently loves their tanks and attack chopers, so they do almost everything to make sure they can dominate the battlefield without much effort.

Not only would 20mm AA rounds rip a chopper apart, imagine what the 30mm GAU-8 would do to them. (yet those choppers easily survive a 1 second burst that is otherwise enough to kill a tank)

Same story in BF3: At some point, planes where actually useful against choppers. Not after a few patches though. Now your best bet in a plane is to shoot down other planes, as that’s the only thing you can really excell at. (kinda pointless really)

At least the RPGs seem to fly a bit faster now. (I’m sick of LAVs that can easily outrun my rockets)


The AA is way too easy to use and really needed a range nurf to make it Mobile. Hopefully what they have done will make it harder to use while keeping it powerful in the right hands. (not powerful in everyone’s hands)

The other changes looks good too, I just wish they would speed up the fixes while we still have players.

I do love the quick spawn vehicle with high ticket servers ATM. I’d love to see a 24/7 silk road with high ticket count and fast vehicle spawns. I think it’s the only china rising map worth playing.


im sure they will screw up more than they fix this is how they roll how many patches do you need to a game that is supposed to be finished. there has been about 20 just for the servers.

they have know idea how to look after the customer but they know how to make money.



As much as I love the ArmA series they scratch very different itches. ArmA is about slow, tense but quick combat and emphasises realism. You also have a tendency to suffer from SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) where you will die extremely suddenly and much of the time you have no idea how, whether you were shot 20m away or 200m.

BF4 on the other hand is just all out warfare, and I play it when I just want to destroy things and get 30+ kills a round. ArmA I play when I want to prize individual kills and be excited to get even one.


Since they updated the browser plug-in in November I haven’t been able to play anyway. Tried all the fixes and see people on the boards all saying they have the same problem, and contacting support about it gets you no help they just say use modzilla. but why should I have to change internet browsers to play a game.

point is u have yet to see one of the changes they have been talking about since November anyway lol.


BF2 had the best AA followed by BF2142, BF3 AA got nerfed to the ground and shame BF4 to follow too.


I’m always amused that pilots whinge when they can no longer sustain a K:D of 10~20:1

A good pilot in a ground attack vehicle can last the whole match at the moment (I hate those … …) They dive in at a target without anybody able to lock on to them till they are already finished their attack, then they pop countermeasures and just climb out fast enough to evade any missiles. I see more of them die to straight shots from tanks than missiles.

Choppers are less of a threat in my eyes – I can usually make them break off an attack and scuttle back to cover and if I’m in squad with some friends we can co-ordinate missiles and put them down for a while. Even so, ACTUALLY GETTING A KILL against a good chopper pilot is pretty tough. (My gauge of pilot skill is determined by whether I can kill you or not… ….)

The same criticism (of AA sitting in protected area) can be made against the attack boats using TV missiles – and snipers – So make it that nothing can fire while sitting in an area that’s out of bounds for the enemy – I’d love to include aircraft in that but it’s impractical

The AA at the moment is a bit too all-round – it can take out infantry and hold it’s own against armour, as long as it retreats at it’s good speed. In true Rock Paper Scissors style – the AA should have nothing to fear from aircraft – but be weak to infantry and armour – and aircraft should be having a wetty when they know AA is around


but why should I have to change internet browsers to play a game.

you don’t have to change browsers, keep the browser you have as default but download firefox and Change the firefox home page to battlelog.



I use Firefox for battlelog, but have never installed the plugin for it lol. With IE I just can’t login, and if by some miracle I do login with IE, the plugin doesn’t work!!



The thing is, is that MAA rip through infantry as well. It’s so annoying!


The biggest problem with MAA is that they last too long vs Tanks & AT Infantry.

For example an M2 Bradley in the Linebacker (AA) config has 30mm armor all around with reactive armor.

An M1A1 Abrams has something like 600mm armor.

Head to head the MAA should be no match for a tank.

The tank is firing rounds designed to destroy other tanks – MAA should be eaten alive.


The only problem with the AA is when it’s sitting in an unkillable position or your entire team just ignores it… usually the latter is the problem.


Are people seriously whinging about the MAA nerf? There is so much goddamn AA in this game from every vehicle/infantry, and then there is the MAA, which I call the anti-everything, because it can rip anything apart from distance, as well as close range except for tanks/lav’s.

Meanwhile, attack choppers are still the most useless vehicle in the game… such a shame, as they’re the most fun vehicle to use. 25s flare cooldown, when everyone has lock on rockets with a few second reload time… yeah, that’s fun.



The scale of the maps makes it hard for aircraft and AA to be accurate as far as ranges and damage go, but I agree that AA is something that they have never managed to get right in any BF game.

the best aa i have seen in bf games (non-modded) is the stationary AA of BF1942 and the stationary AA of BF2142. they have got to be the only 2 games of the series that i thought were balanced fairly well straight out of the gates. Now if your team doesnt have decent people in the air you have lost 80% of the time before the match is halfway throguht.

what is the point of engi stinger missiles if the enemy chopper is 700 meter high with tv missiles. line of sight issues with environment breaking lock on. and hits not registering. MAA and tankshot is about all you’ve when your team has no air.

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