Wednesday Bargain Wrap (4 Dec 2013): Every BioShock game for $15, every Tomb Raider game for $14

BioShock Infinite

By on December 4, 2013 at 7:44 pm

Here at we know exactly what it’s like to have to suffer under the Australia Tax, and so we’re going to start bringing you a new regular segment once a week that rounds up some of the best bargains from across the internet.

In this week’s segment, there’s mad discounts on various titles at Green Man Gaming, as well as some Cyber Monday deals still going strong at Amazon that will blow you away (sorry, they’re closed now!), and every Tomb Raider game ever made can be yours for less than the price of some pizzas (delivered).

Humble Value

Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2, Magicka + DLC, Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack, Garry’s Mod, Serious Sam 3: BFE

Pay what you want to get these six amazing games — current average is $4.07, with thirteen days left on the clock. All games must be redeemed on Steam.

Also on the Humble Store:

Green Man Gaming

Entering this code (GMG20-CV2W4-DSYBT) will get you 20% off the listed price on the following titles:

Upon investigation, the code seems to work on other games as well, including Batman: Arkham Origins, so it doesn’t hurt to give it a go if there’s something you’ve been waiting for.

(Disclaimer: is an affiliate of Green Man Gaming.)


There’s a big sale happening on Tomb Raider games, 80% off everything:

That last one is a particularly crazy sale.

Also going cheap on Steam at the moment:

Spot any more bargains this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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I think a lot of people are going to be very happy with you, Jess/Tim.
Not everyone goes backstage to the forums, so a weekly front page article will open a lot of eyes and probably a lot of wallets.

Edit: Is it just me or is the bioshock triple pack $79.97?


Thank Jess for putting it all together! (It did say my name at the top for a while, though, because WordPress is being annoying)

But I’m glad you like it, I think it’s something we’ll keep up for a while and see how people feel.


Cheers! This is so handy!


Just so everyone knows it seems the cyber-monday deals (on Amazon) may have stopped running. All the links to Amazon are at their old prices, although we get a huge 1% discount on AC4 at the moment.


Just so everyone knows it seems the cyber-monday deals may have stopped running. All the links to Amazon are at their old prices, although we get a huge 1% on AC4 at the moment.

For reals? They were working literally an hour ago, goddammit


Tim Colwill,

The Keep Australia Gouged Commission of the UN must have caught on to us making some savings.

“Oh shit! The Australians have caught on! CLOSE IT DOWN!”


I can confirm that the Cyber Monday deals have finished on Amazon.


This is great, it has informed me without having to check every site every day, now I can come here and check out the game offers all the while you nice people done the hard yards.

I like and I hope this keeps going.


Yeah Amazon’s deals are down. Could be that they had a set time to end due to us being in the future we didn’t account for time zones, so this article was late.


Correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t the Amazon specials for US only?



It’s very easy to get around that. You just need a matching US city, state and zip code in your billing address. Everything else in your address can be the same as normal.

You can even use your own card without it throwing up any red flags on Amazon’s end.

Here’s an example (the bold bits are where you need the appropriate info).

Jane Doe
123 Fake Street
Roswell, NM

Google is your friend for finding matching US city, state and zip codes.


Tim Colwill,

For the best way to keep abreast of all the bargains that are Steam based or DRM-free, you and/or Jess should join the Hookups group. It helps for those obscure bundle website and indie deals that appear on foreign websites that are equally as tasty (as well as all the standard stuff).

My game collection is embarrassingly bigger because of those folks…


I grabbed the Tomb Raider collection half an hour ago. Never played a Tomb Raider game before, but I’m told the latest one is brilliant, so I’m keen to give that a go. Any other standouts from the collection that I should play?

Also, the Age of Empires Legacy Bundle is 75% off until the end of the day $13.74. I grabbed that too.



I’m not sure any of them would compare with the latest one anymore, but the latest generation of TR games, your Legends and Anniversarys are great! But I just love them all! (I am a fangirl)


I personally use 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613 for Amazon.


These types of posts are pretty awesome. Just picked up a few games for pretty sweet savings, thanks for posting all that information up.


This is a splendid idea for a weekly segment, Yeah like PinothyJ said it really pays to be a member of the Hookups Steam group, also perhaps others like ‘Traders Guild’, ‘Opium Pulses $avings’, ‘Who’s Gaming Now?!’ etc. alongside with regularly checking and/or uploading your steam Wishlist to it for auto notifications.

Get absolutely pelted with constant deals and cheapness across virtually every digital retailer, and it’s practically impossible to not know about any given Indie bundle that’s currently running :D

Not sure if it’s even worth mentioning Steam deals on these round-ups however as it’s pretty much common knowledge by now that we’re going to get the best prices at GmG/Nuuvem/Amazon/GamersGate/GetGames/Ozgameshop Digital
For example Blops is still $34 on Amazon
Blops 2 $29.99
Cheaper than the steam ones mentioned here.

Amazon is just my favourite, top rated digital retailer in my opinion. Unlike GmG they have zero Aussie price gouging and everything is pretty much always cheapest there compared to everywhere else (If not Tony price matches it anyway) I Buy the most things from them during sale periods.
Not just *PC* games either, Amazon is also great because of their new PSN digital code store as well (You’ll need to set up an American PSN account to redeem them, which is incredibly easy to do) Snagged The Last Of Us for $25 during their flash sale on it over the weekend, GTAV is $39.99 right now too. I know where I’ll be doing my Console game shopping when I inevitably decide to pick up a PS4.


I personally use 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613 for Amazon.

1060 West Addison? That’s Wrigley Field…!


Tim Colwill: For reals? They were working literally an hour ago, goddammit


Don’t you get slugged sales tax for those addresses? Last purchase I made I set my address as Oregon to avoid the extra sales tax.

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