Titanfall VGX footage shows off the Stryder titan


By on December 12, 2013 at 8:29 am

Aren’t the VGA’s/VGX’s complete rubbish, with all their cringeworthy jokes and gratuitous promotions? That’s the opinion of my Twitter feed anyway, which went about as haywire as everyone else’s during the live event. Nevertheless, some companies do use the event as a launching pad for new expansions, informations, trailers and what have you.

Respawn Entertainment, makers of the excellent looking Titanfall, did the same this year. In what looks like an advertisement heavily influenced by Star Citizen, this trailer shows off the manoeuvrability of the Stryder, as well as a cool gameplay short towards the end.

I can’t be the only one hoping Titanfall takes the crown away from Call of Duty, right? Although at this stage, I’d be mighty concerned for Hawken.

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This mobile site wont even let me veiw the video horizontaly and there is no quality toggle. Why is there no option to revert back to the original original ite?


This is looking like an infantry FPS where the players are reskinned as humanoid robots, the scenery is scaled down and an ugly cockpit mask obscures your view.


Kinda think if a company’s live testing of a new product was crashed by terrorists/whatevertheyare they’d have cut the feed 30 seconds before it even aired. This is sort of akin to a ford getting t-boned by a holden during crash testing.

Also: This game makes me yearn for the days of Heavy Gear 2. I quiet like the concept of giant robot infantry, giant metal fingers and guns included. Unfortunately this does appear to simply be a reskinned COD, rather than a simulator for awesome robots.



The genre is stale anyway. What more can they do for a first person shooter that hasn’t been tried by either CoD or Battlefield. It’s all become so damn booring!



I’d rather play a combined arms game like this:


Every one of those mechs, hovercraft, tanks, APCs, fighters and bombers is enterable and exitable at any time. You are truly the pilot plioting the vehicle rather than the vehicle itself.


heatho: Unfortunately this does appear to simply be a reskinned COD, rather than a simulator for awesome robots.

not even … it’s a reskinned Brink…


Doom clone…


spooler: not even … it’s a reskinned Brink…

Now I can’t un-see this. THANKS.


the closest thing we have to a robot combat simulator is MWO


just a bit of sidestrafe there

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