Titanfall begins rolling out individual titan trailers, starting with The Ogre


By on December 9, 2013 at 4:01 pm

In-world advertising is pretty much the latest thing when it comes to game advertising, and I’m a big fan — so naturally the below video, courtesy of the fictitious ‘Hammond Robotics’ company, is delightful to me. It’s also a great excuse to just see more of Titanfall in action, which should be delightful to most people.

Respawn’s multiplayer-only robotic shooter lands on March 13 next year: Read our amazingly positive hands-on impressions here.

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So these high-tech “mechs” use a single gun which just happens to look like a scaled-up contemporary small arms weapon and requires them to pull a scaled-up trigger with their mech-fingers, hold the weapon with their other mech-hand and mech-manually cycle the weapon by pumping a forend.

I understand that they want to differentiate this from other mech games but this is just too silly for me.


I don’t know enough about the current status of exoskeletal armour to really comment, but wouldn’t having a mech with actual hands offer some huge advantages over replacing them with guns/etc?

For one the gun would become a seperate, replaceable component, for another, you’d have a robot able to use improvised weaponry like poles/car wrecks/boulders etc, and for a third, it’d allow the mech to climb and provide more movement options.


Tim Colwill,

If you had the technology to build a walking war machine, why would you arbitrarily limit the design by copying the form of a human being?

Sure end effectors might be useful, but why copy the human hand? Why tie up both of your end effectors by holding a scaled-up small arms weapon when it would be far less complicated to design it with dedicated weapons hardpoints in addition to arms?

What I see here are giant skinless androids that need not be androids at all. What’s next? These mechs are transported by using them to drive a scaled-up skinless tech-noir car with a steering wheel, shifter and mech-foot pedals?


Tim Colwill: actual hands offer some huge advantages over replacing them with guns/etc?

Even if this was the case why then have weapons on the end of the hands ? why not integrate them to the body ?

Having said that this is a pretty silly line of conversation…



Oh yeah I completely agree a mech should be more than *just* a robotic copy of the human body, but I thought you were arguing that hands were a stupid thing to have on a robot, which didn’t make sense to me! Hands are incredibly powerful and with robotic strength behind them they’d be even more so.

Def. need weapon hardpoints though.

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