Thief UI completely customisable, lead designer tells podcast


By on December 13, 2013 at 6:47 am

Round two, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be a rough day, so let’s begin with something positive. Thief — I imagine we have a few fans of the archer ninja classic here on the site. I was never fortunate to play the original myself, although I was a huge fan of Looking Glass back in the day. Not enough of you bought Terranova; shame on you.

Community reception for Thief, understandably, has been a little more concerned. It’s being handled by Eidos Montreal and not Warren Spector, after all. But I have a nice piece of news for you this morning: lead game designer Alexandre Breault has told Stealing Time, the official Thief podcast, that the UI is completely customisable. “You can play without a hud at all, so no light gem, no life meter, no focus meter … also, all the interaction buttons can be turned off,” Breault said.

Let’s recap. Basically anything in the game that would be like, “Hey, you missed this *thing”, can be told to bugger off in no uncertain terms. The loot glint showing that there’s an interactive object nearby? You can turn that off so you have to stalk around like a proper thief. Or more like what it’s like at 4am in the morning when my phone buzzes about something and I stagger around trying to find it.

This is the kind of option I imagine a lot of stealth gamers would enjoy. I’m not quite the masochist, so I wouldn’t go insane with this, but it’s nice to have the feature all the same. You can listen to the full Stealing Time podcast over on the Eidos Montreal blog.

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The difficulty toggle-able examples in that blog answer my question about a proper save system at-least, and some of them like No Upgrades, No Kills, No Focus, No Alerts and stealth takedowns only are a pleasure to see :D

Now they just need to give me back my bare bones basic ability to… you know *JUMP* and I can reluctantly overlook the absence of Stephen Russel and the butchering of the franchise’s entire lore… I guess…

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