Steam Holiday Sale kicks off, more than 2000 games discounted

steam holiday sale

By on December 20, 2013 at 7:55 am

From one sale to another, it seems. Steam are running sales every day, but there’s sales and then there’s salesThis one, Steam’s official Holiday Sale, will run until January 3, with over 2000 games at ridiculously low prices until then. 

The first day is already offering good, although not the best, deals. Bioshock Infinite, for instance, is 81% off today for US$19. That sounds nice, although I picked up Infinite, as well as Bioshock 1 and for US$15 from Amazon when the dollar was a little higher for US$15. But $20 for Game of the Year isn’t really a bad deal at all.

Similarly, the excellent co-operative heist game Monaco: What’s Mine Is Yours is an entirely reasonable US$3. The enjoyable Divekick is going for US$2.49, while indie smash hit The Stanley Parable can be yours for a pittance at US$8.99.

There’s some other solid discounts – it’s a good time to pick up Dishonoured or Space Hulk if you haven’t played them yet – so head over to the Steam page or just fire up the client and have a look for yourself. Don’t forget to give Just Cause 2 a look in, especially since it’s multiplayer mod launched recently. Hours of fun right there.

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Just Cause 2 practically lives on Steam Sale :P

I see that a possible discount on Shadow Run Returns is coming up, $9 is a complete steal for that game.


Just cause 2 is one of the most fun games ever.

And I paid $80 for it lol years ago when it was new. Now its like $3.


I picked up Aliens: CM for the lulz at $1.99 on Amazon….


I picked up Aliens: CM for the lulz at $1.99 on Amazon….

It’s not even worth that!


Bioshock Infinite, for instance, is 81% off today for US$19. That sounds nice, although I picked up Infinite, as well as Bioshock 1 and 2 for US$15 from Amazon when the dollar was a little higher for US$15.

BioShock: Infinite is listed at $19 but I’m also seeing the “BioShock Triple Pack” for $19. Same price but you get all 3 games – BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock: Infinite.


US steam store – Bioshock Infinite = $9.99

Like all the other sheeple, throwing your money at the screen…Thats WHY these companies keep gouging us.



I’d like to subscribe to your informative news letter.



I think for $2 it’s fine. Fact I’m playing through the game now and personally liking it more than AvP 2010, runs silky smooth @ 120hz after the small tweak from pcgamingwiki.


Oh dear. Going to need to keep the fire extinguisher close to the credit card.

Darth Teddy Bear

Yep, our “discounted” is now what our American overlords pay normally for 90% of what is available.

I can only presume that this is occurring because I am still in the minority and will not piss good money up against the wall by paying 100% more for the same product.

That I think and hope will change as at one time I was in the minority for extreme DRM.

I am not sure if others use Steam’s wishlist, but it would be a good way to show that we want this but will only buy it when they stop bending me over and not having the decency to reach around. Such as the game I bought today that was at the same price as that offered to our American overlords .


Well if the game is under 20-25bux then i think its worth it,

I was a sucker this time around

I got Final Fantasy 7 and 8 for $12 combined (bargain)
company of heroes $16
Mortal Kombat Complete $10
Far Cry 3 $10
Tomb Raider $10
Ducktales Remastered (forgot the price but on flash sale for under a tenner)

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