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By on December 12, 2013 at 8:42 am

The Star Citizen ball just keeps rolling on, doesn’t it? Just last week Roberts Space Industries raised a disgusting $3.227 million, although that figure is down to a stark $491,377 at the time of writing this week. The week isn’t over yet, of course, although one imagines crowdfunding figures will be down across the board with Christmas and all.

Anyway, organisations. As it turns out, people who have spent an inordinate amount of money on things they can only play with in a hangar like to share their hopes and dreams with other like-minded souls. So to accommodate such behaviour, Star Citizen players will be able to group themselves into organisations. “We knew going in to the project that Star Citizen would need a robust guild/squadron system… but we had no idea we would need it before the game launched,” a post on the RSI website says.

“As a result, we decided to start building Organizations into the website today instead of waiting for the game to launch. Players who want to form groups will soon be able to do so right here at RSI … and those groups will transition directly into Star Citizen. The organizations you form today will be the ones you fly with in the ‘verse!”

Players can group themselves into five different archetypes, although the archetypes themselves have no impact on the running of the organisation. There are six ranks in total, starting from the lowly Rank 0 for recruits. A whole suite of updates are planned to support the organisation system as well, including:

  • Organization Forums – Every organization will have its own, private forum through the RSI site!
  • Org Blog – Featuring a shoutbox and the ability to post news updates. Keep your organization informed with your own Comm-Link.
  • Visual Chart – An interactive display showing all of your organization’s divisions, jobs and members.
  • Fleet View – See your group’s ships!
  • Calendar – Set up squadron meetings, big events and more.
  • Voting – Make your group decisions based on your team’s consensus.

“We’re excited about the Organization launch because it aims to do exactly what we’re striving for with Star Citizen: better immerse players in the Star Citizen universe,” the post adds. Well, that’s certainly true enough. Your wallet can get lost inside the Star Citizen universe without any help: you might as well lose yourself too.

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I just don’t get Star Citizen.

I went to the forum before the LTI ran out to try and work out if it was worth investing. All the information there seemed to be about upgrading your pledge and getting bigger and better digital items. After a bit of a hunt around I still couldn’t find information on what the game actually is/is going to be. At the moment it is a digital item shop and gallery?

Can someone give me a 101 on what the game actually will be? Some sort of EVE like mmo/flight sim hybrid thing?


Star Citizen is a First Person space sim that features 3 separate modes of game play. A full length cinematic single player story-line with branching missions based off of your actions throughout the campaign, a persistent universe MMO that can be accessed straight out of the box or after you’ve completed the main single player story, and you can also run the persistent universe on your own private server for modding purposes.

The persistent universe will feature several different types of game play. You can be a mercenary, a trader, a salvager, a bounty hunter and pretty much anything else you can think up. The game has no predefined roles so your actions dictate the roles you will play in the universe. The persistent universe will feature vehicular combat aboard star ships ranging in size from 12.3 meters (the smallest ship announced so far) up to 1 Kilometer (the Bengal carrier in the announcement video, please note these will be extremely limited in the persistent universe). You will also be able to engage in First Person Shooter style combat as you try to board and take over opponents ships and space stations and you will even be able to take FPS combat planet side in select lawless areas.

I would recommend reading this first ( as it details much of how the game will function and it’s laced with interesting videos about the different gameplay elements. After you’ve read and watch these, if you are still interested and need more information you can always check out Net Andy’s guide to Star Citizen ( which will provide you with pretty much anything you need to know about the game. There’s also a new fan made codex on the forums filled with tons more info about the game. it can be found here ( and has a downloadable PDF version for easy reading.


Imperium is ready :D


I just don’t get Star Citizen.

Its hope for PC games. Why? as an example… do you remember when Battlefield 2 came out in 2005 and it was amazing… and after a few years, with BC2 being pretty damn awesome and yet a console port itself, your thinking what will battlefield 3 be like! but then it came out and it felt more like battlefield 1.5 with cool graphics?

Star Citizen promises to be everything Wing commander 3 + 20 years should be (unimaginable really).

Well that’s IF YOU BELIEVE THE HYPE … I’m really cynical about games nowadays but with star citizen I really want to believe…

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