Square Enix releases mysterious Christmas box, reportedly good value

square enix xmas

By on December 13, 2013 at 8:13 am

Update: The Christmas goodies won’t be delivered until December 20, as reader tehsoljah has confirmed. Well played sir!

Friday, apparently, is the day of giving. Even though it’s Friday the 13th. Maybe they’re just trying to lull you into a false sense of security, who knows.

Nevertheless, Square Enix have decided to join the gift-giving party with this entry on their online store. It’s a mystery box priced at $8.99 called the Christmas Surprise. According to the press release, it contains four games worth over $75 (or thereabouts) — but there’s no word on what those games actually are.

I would have bought the package there and then to prove my devotion to you, the dear reader, except the bloody thing’s still in pre-order mode. Apparently a deal that starts on December 12 and runs through to December 20 isn’t available on December 13 Australian standard time. So we’ll just have to take a guess at what’s on offer, although looking at the recommended i5-750 CPU and GTX 480/HD 5870 requirements, I’m guessing the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is probably one of them.

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I took the plunge here is whats stated in the email;

Thank you for ordering The Square Enix Christmas Surprise.

You don´t need to do anything now. We´ll send you an email on the afternoon (GMT) of 20th December 2013 with all of the contents inside, so make sure to check your inbox.


Sure why not. will be good for a laugh come the 21st, probably own them all already but can spread some christmas cheer to my friends list for the cost of less than a lunch :D



Good on you! I’ve updated the post to reflect your awesomeness. What’s your Steam ID? You deserve a reward of some kind.


$8.99? Shit I’m down for that! Will set myself a reminder for tonight :D


I’m wondering if it’ll have anything in it I don’t own that I want lol, think that’s a risk i won’t take


Hmmm $9?

i’ll just take a packed lunch today instead of buying lunch and i’ll get myself the box!


Looks interesting, but I own about 75% of their online store so… =/ Best guess it’s Human Revolution, Dungeon Siege 3, Hitman Absolution and one FF game…


Alex Walker:

Good on you! I’ve updated the post to reflect your awesomeness. What’s your Steam ID? You deserve a reward of some kind.

Same as username here; tehsoljah



Excellent. Accept my friend request, good sir, and your gift will arrive forthwith.


Seems kind of easy to tell what games will be in the package when you just go straight to Square Enix’s PC games section, and it shows like… 15 games.

But I’m betting one of them is a 30 day trial for FFXIV:ARR.


The Box! The Box!


4 games? I think it will be Deus Ex HR, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution.

They’re basically throw away games now for Square it seems, constantly on sale and given away in humble bundles, graphic cards etc. Still a ripper deal for $9 though.


I love a good mystery.

Imma be pissed if the contents are Kane and Lynch 1+2, Just Cause 2 (awesome but always on sale) and Sleeping Dogs (awesome but always on sale).

Would realllly like Tomb Raider.


stoibs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLDhMU5JvMk

Was going for the Simpsons reference but yeah, severed head, also good.


Goddammit…every payment type I try fails once it redirects back to the Square enix site.
Looks like Ill have to wait till next Christmas.


man i think i might own the majority of these games, deus ex, sleeping dogs, tomb raider, just cause hitman tss tss if anything else or even final fantasy ill get


1 x “Square Enix Christmas Surprise” (PC Download)

How exciting :)

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