Sitrep: Top Moments in 2013’s Games That Went Boom


By on December 11, 2013 at 3:09 pm

It’s December and everyone’s doing lists, lists, lists of things they totals liked very much a lot this year. Yes it is that time. It’s a horrible time, and ruins Christmas for me every year. “This game was awesome.” “No this game was more awesome.” “I challenge you to a virginal neckbeard fight because our opinions differ!” “OK but be careful with my thin aristocratic wrists.” And so on and so forth.

By and quite large, I think all these dumb lists miss the point. In their rushes to personally quantify fun, mayhap they bogart the ties that bind us all in mutual admiration: The moments.

The Last Of Us

The ending

This was so bold. SO BOLD. I don’t think gamingdom has truly grasped what kind of narrative step this was for the medium as a whole. It’s a finale in the exact same nihilistic, existential vein as the new wave of French extreme cinema… only it is not nihilistic. It is simply real. Too real. People are not accustomed to stories being told with such un-Disneyed humanity after decades of simpering “No no, life is a utopia of regal possibilities, really.” I say, get accustomed, because this was unforgettable.

BioShock Infinite

Elizabeth’s finger

Who picked the end here? You? No you? Bull-ass, none of you did – but you could have, just maybe, because of the expertly laid breadcrumb trail leading to one of the year’s most intriguing yarns (in a shooter, no less). To compare, once again, to a style of “art” more highly regarded for its mindfulness than gaming, it felt to me Murakami-esque.

What a huge wank, but if you have ever read any of his stuff, you’ll see how those dots, so imperceptible at the time but now so weirdly visible, connect… and connect, and connect, until the debate as to what really happened becomes as warped and simultaneously mirrored as Booker himself.

Battlefield 4

An entire building falling over

I am constantly in awe of newer and more blinding scale in games. Fallout 3’s Megaton explosion, for example, is the end of many lives that not only seared itself into my gamer’s eyes but also provided the context of a living preamble and a terrible aftermath (hi Moira, you look different). BF4 has no storied threads on either side but is instead entirely personal, making for a much different cornea-burn, but a burn nonetheless. I look upon the skyscraper with a new wariness, one glass eye on its structural integrity.

Shadowrun Returns

Oh hi Jake

Seriously, playing this was such an incredible joy. I love isometric stuff, I love cyberpunk, I loved the SNES original to absolute bits when I was a gamer grom. It’s that last part that makes this piece of epic fan-service something I sit around and chuckle at and go, “Hey that was cool.” Because it was. It was overdue payment for my investment in video games that I wasn’t expecting, and nor did I even want. But I spent it on a nostalgia wakeboard regardless, and noob-surfed my way to gooey feelings all ‘round.

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I skimmed over the Bioshock Infinite part as I am currently playing through it. Some of my best gaming moments this year were not necessarily from games released this year. Battlefield 4 had a few good moments in MP but most of it was nullified by connection issues early on.

I am really enjoying Rome 2 and was as obsessed with Wargame Airland Battle when it came out. Both top it off as my favourite strategy games for this year.

One game that PC gamers may overlook is Crysis 3. I absolutely loved this PC experience it was much more what the second game should have been imo and felt similar in fun levels to what I got from the first crysis (Although with less re-playability).


Last of Us ending was -the- defining gaming moment for me that I can remember. It is the game I’ve talked about and talked up the most, by far more than any other. It was a moment as gut wrenchingly powerful as it was divisive. I’ve since had a lot of trouble with other games, and had trouble picking new ones up. I want a game with a narrative that comes -close- to that, as I don’t see them surpassing it, and when I look and look and I can’t find one, I find myself unable to play anything at all.

Damn you Last of Us. You have ruined gaming for me. And I love you for it.

Toby McCasker

Jonathan Maloney,

Man, I could not be feeling your vibe any harder right now.


will have to pickup last of us at some point…

also, tobes on the shore, you will have me thinking of Murakami and how i loved infinite all day and some power-brofist that one…

but for all the glorious explosions, i dont think bf4 should have rated, it should have been replaced with shadow warrior. BF4 i feel hasnt come up to standard of beautiful mess’ normally reserved for bfbc2 or bf3 and needs to work on its game to get game.

if you know what i mean.

Toby McCasker


Tobes on the Shore. Haha. Hey I read Wind-Up Bird Chronicle this year and who needs drugs anymore.

Nasty Wet Smear

will have to pickup last of us at some point…

I cannot urge you strongly enough to do so.

Wait, maybe I can try…

*Grabs a gun and shoves it into a kittens mouth* DO IT! DO IT OR I’LL RUIN THIS GUN BY MAKING THIS KITTEN EAT IT!


Toby McCasker: Hey I read Wind-Up Bird Chronicle this year and who needs drugs anymore.

i started that book when i was in hospital, i dont remember reading it, but it has marked pages which suggests i did.

i might have to give it another go lol


kittens are more harmful than guns man


Speaking of stuff that isn’t from ’13, I just finished System Shock 2, now that was an experience.

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