Shadowrun Returns patch 1.1.1 live, touch compatibility and editor features added


By on December 20, 2013 at 8:12 am

Shadowrun Returns has been one of my favourite titles this year. I know the genericness of the Dead Man’s Switch campaign disappointed a few hardcore fans, especially those who had enjoyed long D&D sessions in the setting before, but for me, a virgin with that department of gaming, it was exactly what I’d envisioned and everything I’d wanted. Minus the rubbish camera at points, but you can’t have everything you want.

Anyway, Harebrained Schemes have continued working on the game, even though the deadline for the Berlin campaign was missed by a solid couple of months, by releasing patch 1.1.1. The headline features from the patch notes from the Steam announcement are below:

  • French, Italian, and Spanish language support! These can be enabled from the Options section of the main menu.
  • Windows 8 touch compatibility.
  • Manual zoom-in distance increased when HD textures are enabled.
  • Added ability to use text expansions in loading screen text for a scene.
  • [Editor] Added ability to change story’s resale value of items.
  • [Editor] Thermometer revamped to show more detailed scene performance metrics. (See wiki for more info:
  • [Editor] Added an additional safety check when publishing content packs to check for empty preview image files.
  • [Editor] Add ability for custom UGC to supply portrait images for character creation. (See wiki for more info:
  • [Editor] Add ability to to associate popup images with quest items.
  • [Editor] Added Get Count of Alive Actors data function trigger.
  • [New Trigger] Display popup with image and caption.

There’s also a suite of bug fixes, including the error where AP buffs would mysteriously disappear mid-turn, conversations ending prematurely, multiple pop-ups from randomly appearing and the Spray and Pray skill hitting every enemy when the initial target carks it. I wish they’d have kept the last one, as it was funny as all hell, but some semblance of balance is required.

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Interesting that they added touch support, it already worked pretty well with the Surface Pro touchscreen. I just wish Firaxis would follow suit with XCOM!


…do the people who did that delightful 2010 proof of concept short film “Azureus Rising” have anything to do with Shadowrun Returns? I just noticed they could literally share concept art assets.

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