Games Workshop licensed developers explain why so many upcoming GW games aren’t on PC

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By on December 4, 2013 at 11:32 am

You may have noticed a trend lately with Games Workshop licensed games: they’re increasingly focusing on mobile and tablet markets rather than on PC, or even on console.

In a Reddit AMA overnight, a group of GW licensed developers got together to explain exactly why this was the case.

“We did tablet/mobile because there is where a lot of gamers want it to be,” replied the Chainsaw Warrior developers. “That said our Steam community is amazing.”

Meanwhile, Full Control, developers of Space Hulk, said that “Cross platform/device gaming is maybe not THE future, but definitely makes sense for most of us. One doesnt exclude the other though.”

Other developers were quick to remind Reddit that they were bringing their game to both PC and mobile, and weren’t forgetting about PC.

“These platforms (distribution channels) are easy to enter and the revenues are very good and growing,” added the makers of Space Wolf, the new card game. “We are also historically (over 10 years) a mobile game developer. Still, we would also bring the game to PC and other platforms.”

Eutechnyx, the developers of the just-announced Storm of Vengeance, concluded that “We’re developing for mobile and PC because there’s a fast growing market of gamers who love the Warhammer 40,000 universe but who primarily play their games on mobile now.”

The only dissenting voices in the thread were those of Slitherine, the developer for Warhammer 40,00: Armageddon, which is due next year, and Behaviour, working on the Eternal Crusade MMO.

“We’re making Armageddon for PC,” said Slitherine. “It is turn based & hex based and can’t really get much more grand scale and wargamey.”

Source: Reddit

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Where are all these dedicated mobile/tablet gamers? I play every now and then, usually in bed or when nature calls.

None of my mates play that much, if at all on their mobiles, content to play on their 3DS for mobile gaming.

Maybe I’m old and aren’t in touch while the youngsters these day…


Where are all these dedicated mobile/tablet gamers?

Mobile/ Tablet gamers =/= kids aged 12-18 playing games on their iPhones etc while at school etc.
That is the only age group I know of that even bothers to play them.


cjgordon: Mobile/ Tablet gamers =/= kids aged 12-18 playing games on their iPhones etc while at school etc.That is the only age group I know of that even bothers to play them.

Hmm, would indeed be interesting to see age demographics to go along with the survey results which gave us this “ its where a lot of gamers want it to be” attitude, as I too have been curious as to where these so called gamers are hiding aswell. What you’re saying makes sense.


i thought we all admitted a while ago that gamers are the minority?
‘real’ gamers, i mean.
everyone has a phone.


I imagine clash of clans & puzzle and dragons have quite a large following, not specifically in just the 12-18 age group either. They’re probably some of the only games I would consider that you need to be ‘dedicated’ to.


Every time i enter the lunch room there’s someone playing CandyCrush, what cracks me up is that people still look with distaste on people who “play videogames” but never notice that they do it themselves.


How do people even like Candy Crush, that game is abysmal …

Nasty Wet Smear

Wow! You can play games on your mobile phone?!

… C’mon, GW. Who are you kidding?

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