Fallout 4 leak confirms Boston setting, visits to The Institute


By on December 12, 2013 at 8:08 am

In August last year, we learned that Bethesda had reportedly been scouting locations in Boston, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as locations for the next Fallout game.

Now it looks like those rumours were correct, with leaked documents obtained by Kotaku showing a Bethesda game that makes references to “The Institute” (MIT) and “The Commonwealth”, the remains of Massachusetts, which has been mentioned in previous Fallout games, but never explored — until now, perhaps.

While the documents obtained by Kotaku don’t specifically mention Fallout by name, they open with “War. War never changes,” and make reference to dozens of other Fallout tropes, so it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination. The casting call includes voice acting for a male or female player character, and mentions that they begin the game in a cryogenic chamber. Hrmm.

Read it all here.

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I wonder what the chances are of Bethesda going back to original (and in my opinion, the best) isometric view of Fallouts 1 & 2. They probably don’t make numbers that small.



That would be a dream come true, unfortunately we live in an age where graphics are apparently everything and today’s (younger) market demands nothing less than action oriented, non-turnbased RPG’s.

Got Wasteland 2 to look forward to I suppose, though I’m pretty disappointed ‘After Reset’ kind of tanked on Kickstarter – will be following what they do with that project very closely.

In the mean-time check out UnderRail on steam if you haven’t already.


sorry but fallout in the skyrim engine or better trumps isometric bawls.

explosions look better side on!


I really hope that somewhere there is a balcony with ghoul versions of Denny Crane and Alan Shore.



Don’t hold out much hope there. I’d settle for an understanding of the themes and humor.


sorry but fallout in the skyrim engine or better trumps isometric bawls.

explosions look better side on!

I’m probably older then either of the authors [who seem to be talking about 'the good old days'] of the first 2 posts and would also say that I liked FO3 better then 1 and 2 as far as preferred play-style goes.
Doing it in the style of skyrim would be pretty good.



Which would be fine if it was called Stalker: The Apocalypse or RAGE 2.. as it stands however the newer ones just do not feel like Fallout games IMO, or RPG’s at all for that matter what with the emphasis on fast paced first person combat. New vegas was slightly better with Obsidian at the helm.

I dunno, just sick of all my favourite game franchises in general being ‘remade’ today yet being cut down for modern audiences. (Thief…Resi Evil…Max Payne 3.. Dragon age was originally touted as a Baldur’s Gate successor etc.)

In other news the newsest KS update has our Wasteland 2 Beta keys ready :D curse being stuck at work =(



Denny ends up being a follower who every few minutes says “I’m Denny Crane!”


stoibs: as it stands however the newer ones just do not feel like Fallout games IMO, or RPG’s at all for that matter what with the emphasis on fast paced first person combat.

They didn’t even get the “fast paced first person combat” right. It’s more like use V.A.T.S. then kite back until it has recharged, rinse and repeat.



At least we know he can use a gun!


If you choose to play it like that. My last Fallout New Vegas shotgun build used practically no VATS.


sathias: If you choose to play it like that.

Indeed. I’ve wrestled with that dilemma myself, and this may sound feeble, but as a power gamer I feel a duty to play a game like this in the most competitive way possible. In this case it was to the detriment of the gameplay. If only they incorporated a “hard mode” where V.A.T.S. was disabled possibly with some rebalancing.


VATS would work better if it only was use able occasionally such as if you hit the head it has a 50% chance of activating where you get only one shot that would Crit.

Obviously could be disabled too.



Check out this YouTube vid, this shotgun no-VATS build needs rebalancing downwards if anything :-D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkxV18dI5IE


To do VATS better they could do something like XCOM The Bureau, able to position and command all of your minions like you could in the old isometric games.


Yeah I chose not to use it.
FO3 was in no way perfect, but I rather the first person format over turn based 3rd person.
To that end the skyrim style could work well.
Not its graphic style as such but in gameplay.



Thank you. Perhaps a replay from the beginning is in order.

The other thing I was doing was hoarding every item of loot and selling them all for maximum caps. This took way too much time and wasn’t fun.

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