Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls closed beta now in full swing


By on December 14, 2013 at 11:46 am

Blizzard has kicked off another round of beta testing for Reaper of Souls, the first expansion for Diablo 3.

Unfortunately the testing is still closed, but Blizzard seems to be taking more testers this time. To opt in, just visit your Battle.net beta settings page and select Diablo 3. As long as you own a Diablo 3 license and haven’t been banned your chances are as good as anybody’s.

Blizzard will allow you to import your current characters and is keen to get your feedback on the in-development content; a hefty FAQ explains everything you need to know.

Reaper of Souls is expected sometime next year.

Source: Battle.net

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Can’t wait to see the Reaper of Souls sales figures 6 months after its official release. I’m guessing this will show how much damage Blizzard have done to the brand with Diablo 3.



lol an insane number of people will still buy it.


I might buy it, just to play, because I like playing it once and finishing the story. I doubt I’ll play it a second run though


I still get the same game play from D3 as I did the previous games… killing lots of monsters really fast with over the top skills. At least in D3 I use lots of skills unlike in D2 where my Sorc just had orb and a few skills to power it up.

But as with everything in life… each to their own. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you speak for the rest of the world :)


yea ill still buy it cos i’m a sucker for the story. even though it was really dumb in d3, the universe i still like a lot.

we have to play with latency too, it pretty much kills the fun. i would prefer to get the latency-free console game but i don’t think ros will release on consoles at the same time.



I’m 99% sure that the PS4 (and X1?) version of Diablo 3 will be released with Reaper of Souls included, with a lot of people still in the dark about whether or not RoS will even find its way to X360/PS3.

I’m in the same boat though; not sure whether to get the expansion to go with my PC copy, or just chill until the PS4 version comes out. Guess it will come down to how many PC-minded friends decide to get it.

Edit: Oh, and pretty sure at Blizzcon they talked about developing the PC and Next-Gen console version side by side. Guess in true Blizzard fashion though we won’t know until the last minute. :P


I’ll grab it on PC … I like diablo 3 preferred 2 but they’ve come along way with D3 and some of the changes in reaper should fix the issues I had with D3 (because I don’t care about SP/local server).



I’m sure the sales figures will still be in the millions, but I’m not going to buy it and I know my six friends who all bought D3 aren’t bothering with the expansion. I think Bliz have just pushed customers away with the whole D3 debacle and my prediction is that the PC sale figures of the expansion won’t reach half the PC sales figures of the base game.


If you still look for a beta key then try reaperofsoulsbetakeys.com, that is where I have mine from too! :D

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