Battlefield 4′s China Rising trailer teases you with what Premium members are playing right now

Battlefield 4 China Rising

By on December 4, 2013 at 10:31 am

Curse those Premium members — China Rising is now playable for those of you who stumped up the $60 required to join the Cool Kids Club of Battlefield 4 Premium. The rest of you, however, will get access in two weeks, and those of you who pre-ordered BF4 will get it for free at that time.

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Can’t wait to get home tonight to get into this :D


The chopper scene… HNGGHH.

This is going to be a bag of fun :D


Wow, didn’t realize just how much the BF franchise has lost touch with it’s roots. They had me thinking about coming back with BF4, relieved I didn’t now.


Care to explain Schrapple?



It’s a tricky thing. It’s definitely not the same as BF2 was – which in my opinion was a much slower paced more team-centric style of game over large sprawling maps. BF4 is more squad-centric focusing more on your individual squads with the commander giving orders to the squads to better facilitate team organisation. It has definitely been influenced by the COD series and consoles in that there is more emphasis on smaller maps and server sizes with the larger vehicle focused maps still being outnumbered.

Change is something that everything has to go through and although if they made an exact copy of BF2 with better graphics it may have pleased the old-school fan base it may have been criticized for not bringing any innovation.

Where does everyone else stand with regards to this? What are the roots that the BF series needs to retain in order to have the same essence that makes it a Battlefield game?


Played 2 of the maps last night! Good ‘ol NBN running at it ‘fcuk you Tony Abbott’ speeds pulled down the updates within 30 minutes!

China Rising seems pretty good so far.
Some nice open hilly areas in one map and I like the layout in Dragon Pass.

There’s one bug in Dragon pass though. An invisible wall, along a steep rock face, near one of the capture points. An enemy soldier fell in behind the wall and got stuck, while 4 guys on my side tried to shoot him down. Within a minute of us wasting ammo a tank plus an APC rolled in for the kill to no avail. Lest to say an enemy jet noticed this cluster of troops swarming around achieving nothing after which it mowed all of us down in one swoop.


lol trailer showed a chopper taking out AA.
Driver must have been asleep.



Sky full of helis, motorbikes jumping buildings while someone fires a machine gun from the back. To much run and gun, big budget Hollywood explosion movie type gimmicks for my liking.

Not what BF was originally about and just not what I’m looking for, I keep getting drawn in by the pull of the BF name but I have to remember that it is now a different game than the BF games I enjoy.


I played for about 3 hours last night and no crashes and the sound bug only happened maybe 3 times but that was before most had even loaded into the map. so some improvements. the new maps where fun too so that was a bonus. felt like BFBC2 to me.


Sky full of helis, motorbikes jumping buildings while someone fires a machine gun from the back. To much run and gun, big budget Hollywood explosion movie type gimmicks for my liking.

Apparently you’ve never played any of the battlefield games in the same way that i have… the only difference between now and then is the engine technology. The game is still about rolling around with your mates and hammering an objective, just like it always was.

I think too many people forget that project reality and other mods are NOT what battlefield was originally about.

You also have to realize that most of that footage is cut to make the game seem VERY fast paced… there’s still plenty of covering while your mates bound to cover if you choose to play that way.


In 64 Conquest mode – 3 out of the 4 C.R DLC maps are much larger than the BF4 vanilla ones. More large sprawling vehicle based, as per BF2 days.

Also the Second Assault ones are supposedly as big as the BF3 versions they copy.

I still think they chose the dogiest maps for Vanilla, to entice people to DLC.



BF2/BF3 same game different engine? No, just no.


Played the new maps they seem ok but the game still has bugs that plague the game, hopefully by the next DLC there will be more update fixes.


Here is my impression. I don’t know if its my monitor being a 24 inch LED Samsung 2ms. The map Dragon Pass Looks bloody terrible i cant adjust to a Warm color temperature and very dark washed out gritty map, Silk road i would say is the best in the pack, But keep in mind China rising does not have Dynamic levolution events these maps are stale in that regard.


I find that 32 player or 48 player servers are the sweet spot. 64 is just too many people, too frantic.
I’ve been playing the series since codename eagle and I think the real turning point was desert combat… That’s when it started to have the more realistic feel we see today.

In response to the post about the content of the trailer, didn’t the bf2 intro have jeeps doing sick jumps and such too?


I’d normally agree with you Fest but some of the new maps are actually so huge (and have so many vehicles) that they only really work with 48 or 64 players.

Otherwise you’d have a hard time finding any infantry to shoot as everyone will be sitting in a vehicle of some sort.



BF2/BF3 same game different engine? No, just no.

It’s a totally different game from bf3 , I hated bf3 , and I’ve been with the series from the start , it’s not bf2 , I don’t really like the direction the series has gone in but I have accepted it , it’s still a ball of fun running around with my mates…

Personally I tried the game for myself instead of watching scripted videos and letting them make my decision… and i’m glad I did!


Living in the past, expecting the game to be the same as BF2. If they kept doing that, it would become stale and dated, much like COD is. Same game 8 years in a row.

BF4 is much better than BF3 and if they manage to iron out most of the bugs, it could be better than BF2. The maps are huge, granted there are some smaller maps but maps like Golmud Railroad and a few others are massive (Golmud’s biggest distance is 2.5kms.)

The game needed to evolve, it was fine back then to have a slower paced game and be more meticulous about the way you went about playing. BF4 is faster paced but it’s not like COD where the run and gun aspect and small maps are the reason you play.

Played the CR maps today, I liked Guilin Peaks is the best map of the bunch. It reminds me so much of the BC2 Vietnam maps and was a shitload of fun to play.

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