$336,000 well spent – John Rau’s Classification Review sees no changes in ratings


By on December 17, 2013 at 9:59 am

Remember back in November, when the Honourable John Rau, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General of South Australia officially requested a review of 12 video games which he believed deserved stricter classification than the MA15+ they had?

Well the Classification Review Board has reviewed each of the games – titles like Deadly Premonition, The Walking Dead and Company of Heroes 2 – and decided the MA15+ classification was correct. Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association said what we’re all thinking, except more eloquently:

“Most video games that are sold in Australia are assessed against a set of strict guidelines and the results of the review confirm our faith in the Classification Board to interpret and apply the guidelines appropriately.”

“The basis for the classification review was unsubstantiated and it is a shame that the exercise was undertaken in the first place. The 12 video games were wrongly singled out because of the different ratings received overseas; an argument that does not take into consideration the structural and cultural differences between Australia’s classification scheme and international schemes.”

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Well done, wasting money like a boss.


if anyone wasted that kinda money in a small / private or even a medium sized company they’d be given the arse


Some level of idiot, perhaps 99?


I hope this wastage of taxpayers money is featured prominently and frequently in the South Australian media.

The IGEA CEO’s comment “…confirm our faith in the Classification Board to interpret and apply the guidelines appropriately…” ought to go down like a lead balloon for people on both sides.


Typical Pollie – They think they know better then everyone else. Give him the arse.


Well done, wasting money like a boss.

That’s all South Australia does…


Some level of idiot, perhaps 99?

Nah, this level of stupid is over 9000.


Don’t forget that gambling starts with gaming (at least according to the SA government).

Seriously though I thought we’d got rid of an annoying SA Attorney General crusading against games but it seems we’ve only replaced him with one of his own disciples. It’s enough to want to make you vote Liberal…


You are all whining, but imagine how mental you’d be going if they’d been re-classified, or even refused classification?



I don’t watch heaps of news, but the only place I’ve heard this was here. I asked my parents if they’d seen anything about it anywhere and they hadn’t either… This is particularly frustrating at the moment as there isn’t heaps of money to go around and yet it’s wasted on useless shit like this.


I would like to see the Honourable John Rau ejected from our government system for this sort of rubbish.

But on a side note: $336,000 to review 12 games !@?!@!?… less then 2 months work… what the…


But on a side note: $336,000 to review 12 games !@?!@!?… less then 2 months work… what the…

I am beginning to question my career path.


I believe you misspelt “dishonourable”. :P


He must not have read the guidelines and requested the review based on his own opinion of the games.

Perhaps he should pay the bill considering the clear lack of research he put into the games and the review system. What a douche.


As I said before, it is not really wasting money as the vast majority of that cash just when from a couple of governmental departments to another government department.

It is not as if we had to burn the money and decide the fate of these games bashed off the toxic high from the fumes…


Love my tax dollars going down the toilet.



It is not as if we had to burn the money and decide the fate of these games bashed off the toxic high from the fumes…

Actually, thats exactly how it works.


Love my tax dollars going down the toilet.

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