Warner Bros. apologise for Arkham Origins bugs, issue Steam patch

Batman: Arkham Origins

By on November 4, 2013 at 3:52 pm

In case you haven’t fired up your Steam client in a while, there’s a new patch out for Arkham Origins that fixes most of the game-stopping bugs people have encountered so far.

The bugs seem to be quite intermittent; during my playthrough I only encountered one minor glitch, while others have been dealing with constant crashes.

Warner Bros. have issued a statement apologising for the state of the game, saying “The team has been working around the clock to review, validate and pinpoint the problems that have been reported and we have identified three main issues which we are tackling first.”

“For these issues, we expect the software update to be available within the next week. Rest assured, we are continuing to monitor all channels for other issues that players are experiencing and will release additional updates as they become available.”

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.”

Get our review of Arkham Origins here — or if you want to see how pretty it looks, you can check out some screens here.

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i had less problems with batman AO (online or sp) then i did with BF4. i cant play bf4 mp, and sp crashed and deleted all my progress. batman AO is a god send in comparison.

Black Patriot

I had AO crash twice during my initial playthrough, and had the issue with the Bowery tower that I had to use a glitch to get past, but it was pretty stable. I’m on my second playthrough now, and the game seems more buggy and prone to crash than the first time. It also seems to take a bit longer to load when fast traveling, but that may just be me imagining things.


The biggest problem are not necessarily the bugs that just stop you from doing stuff (like a crash, or Batman hanging on a vent and refusing to pull himself up) but the inconsistencies and issues relating to gameplay. This can include: a thug refusing to be a target of a quickfire gadget for the duration of a fight; a thug running at you to hit you then forget he was hitting you at the last minute, thus screwing up your counter; ledges that are identical expect for that you can grapple to one and not the other; the seeming variable, minimum distance required to use the grapple-boost (I have had ten metre grapples that have allowed boosts and forty or so metre ones that have not); floating horizontally forward because batman has it in his head that he is going to ‘drop attack’ a goon regardless of the laws of physics; and so on and so forth.



I’ve finished off a fight a few times now and had a thug just standing there, not doing anything. Throw up detective mode, thug is described as being unconscious. Can’t hit him, just walk straight through him. Or the multiple times where Batman will cease to glide and instead swim through the air like a seal, flapping up and down and actually gaining altitude. I wish I could get that one happening on purpose, there’s a few areas that would be so much easier. Or where you go to glide kick an opponent but instead just glide into the middle of the bunch and just stand there. Like a boss. Or when you glide attack from a gargoyle, knock over an opponent and then turn and face the complete opposite direction to perform the takedown, which of course misses and does absolutely nothing.

That said the patch has fixed a bunch, I could finish the main story and all the most wanted missions now.


I found 1 bug in this game. That was the silly coms tower. Other than that it’s been flawless.



I had that as well, as well as the game crashing in the second part of the Bane fight in the hotel. Get a few swings in, the game falls over.

What a release! This thing’s had more bugs than a CIA convention.



Your contributions to humanity will never go unnoticed good sir.

Ralph Wiggum

Did the console version have similar bugs?


Only had the Bowery tower issue, which was cleared up with the update. Other than that, no issues here.
I don’t really see why people are being so hard on this game, some critics bashed the hell out of it because it’s not “innovative enough” and a lot of gamers were screaming for blood one day after release because of a few glitches.
There have been plenty of other big games that have had bugs at release or lacked innovation or both and yet they get a free pass… I don’t get it. :S


Annoys the excrement out of me.
Game devs a day QA have gotten very sloppy last few years and just released games that have obviously not been bug checked enough. Imagine if this happened during the cartridge era they would have to recall the game.


that’s why I pirate pc titles UNLESS they have an online multilplayer component like bf4, etc



True enough, but if a game is released in a state like this one, where some folk can’t even finish the game without serious lockups, freezes and game breaking bugs then it deserves everything it gets. A mate wasn’t able to continue on the main quest line because of an elevator glitch. I couldn’t because the aforementioned Bane hotel crash thing. I’ve seen plenty of clips on Youtube of people with stuffed save games where they’re endlessly falling through space. There haven’t been too many games that have hit this level of unplayability before that get a “free pass.” (although looking at the BF4 stuff it looks like it’s getting away with murder…)

As to the innovation thing: my guess is that people are looking at the difference between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, and then looking at the difference between Arkham City and this game. In the first case the difference is rather marked, in the second the differences seem largely cosmetic. One glaring example is the ice grenades vs the glue grenades. They do exactly the same thing. They even look the same. It’s like they didn’t even bother trying!

But why that should matter when the game itself is actually fun to play is beyond me. Which is where the problem really lies. The combat feels like a step backwards to AC, with Batman feeling very unresponsive. Most of the data recording puzzles are recycled many times and there aren’t too many of them that give the “wow that was clever” feeling at the end. The “crime in progress” thing just felt annoying, tacked on and added really nothing else to the game except to point at the combat again. The world itself just felt more subdued and lifeless than AC did. The boss battles alternated between being either boring or annoying. The storyline lacked hook. The detective mode puzzles really weren’t puzzles. It just overall felt like a step backward from AC to me.

That said I guess it’s still an ok game and I did have fun with parts of it. I think if AC didn’t exist this game would have its praise sung from the rooftops. If it was released less buggy that is.


I didnt encounter any crashes or bugs and am enjoying the story and combat. The only problem i have with the game is getting around the city is tedious. I’d like a little more effort into making it into a city design that makes sense as well, streets/civilians etc buildings that actually have an entrance that would be accessible by the public. It just looks and feels like a bunch of buildings placed randomly. Grappling around the city is not fun, and i feel they are way to restrictive to what you can actually grapple to, making the problem worse.


Only had the Bowery tower issue, which was cleared up with the update. Other than that, no issues here.
I don’t really see why people are being so hard on this game, some critics bashed the hell out of it because it’s not “innovative enough” and a lot of gamers were screaming for blood one day after release because of a few glitches.
There have been plenty of other big games that have had bugs at release or lacked innovation or both and yet they get a free pass… I don’t get it. :S

It is simple, all the good things that are in this game are from Rocksteady. Everything else: from the story, to the continuity errors, to glitches and bugs, to general gameplay and character choice, from the cutscenes, from all the rant I have written in my impressions post, to the motherflipping wonderland section (do not get me started), have all been from the new studio. In short: this game deserves a bashing because everything that makes it enjoyable was emulated over from City and Asylum and it should be graded that way.

Look at this game as a Christmas album performed by X artist. The melody, timing, lyrics, et cetera, are all great because that was what existed before, but if the singing and choice of instrumentation was off then this SHOULD be graded harshly because of it. It does not matter how much you love the Little Drummer Boy, if someone has released a version where the only parts that are actually good are the melody and lyrics that you have grown so fond of, then you are going to get annoyed and you are going to spend your money elsewhere. For Origins, unfortuntely, you do not get the option of buying another CD of Christmas songs, you have two originals, and one lacklustre cover.


Black Patriot

There are certainly parts of the game that don’t work too well, the bit with Alfred in the batcave was annoying for its stupidity, and some of the gameplay choices were not as smart as they could have been. I did like the bit with Joker and the doctor in Blackgate (I think we all know who I’m talking about…), that was an interesting angle to take, having a peek inside the Joker’s head is at least somewhat original.

The boss battles were a bit better than previous games, for example the battle with Bane in Arkham Asylum is pretty unoriginal; wait till Bane is running at you > throw batarang > dive out of the way > he hits a wall. To top it off these are the same tactics that you use on the titan brutes. At least with the fight with Bane this time around throws a few curves in the mix. Firefly was interesting, Copperhead had a mix of Scarecrow and ninjas, Electrocutioner was… amusing.

The best way to sum it up is to compare it to Halo 4. Had it been released by the original studio (Bungie for Halo 4, Rocksteady for Arkham Origins), it’d be considered sub-par, underdeveloped and a mis-step. But given that they were made by new people, using an IP that has a high expectation for quality (say what you like about Halo, they’re always well made), with I’m sure a lot of pressure from higher ups, you start to feel a bit better about them. Sure, they both have problems, but given how easily they could have been ruined we can’t complain too much. Still, the next game is where we’ll really see their true colours.



The most horrific thing that was ruined are the unreliable counters. I do not play with hints on because I am a grown man, and what I have found is, contrary to what the game tells you, counter just before you are hit does not always work. Putting the hints on to confirm this and for some enemies and some situations, the window for counters seems to float, it all depending on the situation. As hint will be off for NG+ I can imagine the rest of the ‘hint on’ population will discover this in time and you will see a lot more talk on it.

As you can imagine, Deathstroke and Shiva were quite the challenge…

Black Patriot


There’s definitely something a bit off with the combat system, I’ve seen bad guys leap across the room to hit Batman (which is something only the player should be able to do).

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