Total War: Rome 2 will be coming to SteamOS “early next year”


By on November 11, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Creative Assembly have confirmed, after saying it “wouldn’t be difficult at all” to adapt their game to the Steam Controller, that it will, in fact, be coming to the Steam Controller — and the Linux-based operating system that accompanies it.

The company’s Rob Bartholomew said on Steam that “We’ve always wanted the Total War franchise to be enjoyed by living room gamers, but the limitations of traditional hardware made our style of game play impossible.”

“Last month, when Valve invited us to test out the new Steam Controller and unveiled their plans for SteamOS – we were impressed. We believe it will provide us with the control fidelity and platform we need to make a living room experience for ROME II that could be a more compelling experience than playing with keyboard and mouse”

Bartholomew confirmed a launch window of “early next year”, and said that full Steam Controller and Big Picture support were coming “as soon as Valve gets us a controller dev kit”.

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Source: Steam

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Still no bloody SLI support.



And Nvidia says they are supporting this…
On to topic, if it isn’t difficult of CA put some of the past total war games on Steam OS would be good



Shogun 2 works pretty well under wine, but it’d be very nice if Sega and CA would support linux/steamos with a native version. Seems linux is getting some major support from devs after all.


I really, really want this (SteamOS) to fail. Linux has too many fanboys that ruin its reputation – SteamOS failing would show some reality to these motherfuckers.

Fuck Valve.



Have fun with your Windows 8.1 then. Idiot.

Linux isn’t the best thing ever, it suffers from Compatibility issues certainly. But it out performs Windows where it matters. I believe what Valve is going to accomplish here will solve the compatibility issues making Linux a viable gaming option.

Rome 1 works with Linux fine anyway, its perfectly playable. I’ve made mixed results with Medieval 2 however, this was under Linux Mint using Wine.

With that said, SteamOS isn’t going to make Rome 2 run any better.. rather contrary it’ll most likely run worse due to it breaking in areas that the devs didn’t take into account. Rest assured I expect a poorly tested rushed out port to the SteamOS platform as CA simply ain’t up to the task. As for them testing it out with a controller.. Fanboys beware.. you know whats coming next.



Bitter much? Some of us linux fanboys aren’t total idiots, and simply want some games to play under linux, and to see it succeed. And don’t see the point of needless hate from others.

I even have a windows 8 install just for games like bioshock infinite, and don’t hate stuff like closed source and proprietary software. I do really hate pointless fanboying and abuse online over pointless rivalries.

I’ll likely buy Rome 2 when it comes out for linux, because it looks pretty decent.

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