Steam Spring Sales are upon us, wallets run in fear

steam 2013 spring sale

By on November 28, 2013 at 9:04 am

After being leaked on the internet oh so long ago, the first round of discount madness has finally hit steam. Titled the Autumn Sale for the northern hemisphere folk — but the Spring Sale for people like us! — the prices on offer are, well, a little bit stupid.

Today’s daily deals are a little bit insane. Rogue Legacy’s 66% off for a measly US$5.09. Left 4 Dead 2? A piddling US$4.99. Skyrim? You know, that game that everyone has but you? (There’s always one.) US$8.74. Sleeping Dogs? A mind-boggling US$4.99. There’s also Prison Architect (US$14.99), Terraria (US$2.49), Outlast (US$6.79), Antichamber (US$4.99) and The Walking Dead (US$6.24).

The four flash sales, available for another three and a half hours, include Castle Story, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, HammerWatch and Space Hulk. Space Hulk, which Adrian was rather fond of, is a pretty decent deal at US$10.19.

If you don’t have Sleeping Dogs, I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend you pick it up now. You’ll get a solid 14-20 hours out of the main campaign without any of the DLC. Skyrim at that price is pretty bonkers too. But then again we’ve all been here before: it’s not like the next week isn’t going to have insane deals every day.

Have at it, boys and girls.

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Skyrim? You know, that game that everyone has but you? (There’s always one.)

Thats me!

Also its cool how the spring/autumn thing flips depending on hemisphere.


Excellent! I’ll finally grab Rogue Legacy. I hope they have awesome deals on this time, last sales were very disappointing.


Picked up Terraria for the wife… that’s it so far.


PSA: if you’ve been waiting for a discount on the Skyrim DLC, you may find it easier and cheaper to buy the legendary edition of Skyrim. (Maybe even if you already own the normal version of the base game.)

I just picked up all the DLC individually for around $28 USD (at 50% off), but at around $16 USD (66% off) the Legendary Edition would have been cheaper.

TL:DR – I’m an idiot, learn from my mistake. :)




Time to camp the CAG forums and stake out the Amazon sales.


I accidentally Antichamber.

Hopefully The Stanley Parable gets a daily deal/flash sale. The Good Game review of that left me wanting to buy it.




FYI the Skyrim standard and Legendary editions are both cheaper for us Australians than they are for Americans. Curiouser and curiouser.


Er why do people always get boners over this? It’s the same trash games year after year.




Because I can spread out my purchases. After all this time I never got Terraria, so now I can. Heh I know it’s only a couple of dollars but yeah i’m still struggling to get through my current steam list.


Have you tried clicking on the inverted menus at the bottom of the Steam Store page? Those guys crack me up!


^ just noticed that myself haha
Awesome work



I don’t see how you can call them trash games, or do they transmute into trash after you acquire them?



Dude some people get boners off of sniffing feet. It’s what makes us gloriously unique, the fact that some people get excited over different things. It’s a good thing.


- We view Spring Sale 2014. In places such as America, they view Autumn Sale 2014.
- The bottom of our store page is Autumn.
- The bottom of America’s store page is Spring.
- For Spring, we are the TF2 Red-Team.
- For Autumn, they are the TF2 Blue-Team.
- Clicking news on the opposite hemisphere brings up the other hemispheres news, and in reverse (Citation needed on the news itself)
- If you scroll to the bottom and click “WISHLIST” in reverse, it will take you to a random person’s Wishlist who – usually – lives within’ the same state as you, or perhaps closer.
- You can also see if someone is making a purchase as next to the wishlist, sometimes you’ll see the cart being active.

Do note sometimes the Reverse-Wishlist thing doesn’t always work. I usually find a fix myself is to click my own wishlist then go back to the store page.

For a full list of Steam Sales, please visit:


Er why do people always get boners over this? It’s the same trash games year after year.


Yeah totally man. I mean how did people not buy Bioshock Infinite, Brave New World or Arkham Origins in the steam christmas sales last year?

It just boggles our minds.

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