Star Citizen will probably make $40 million eventually, so here’s an article about that

Star Citizen

By on November 27, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Last time we posted about how much money Star Citizen had pulled in, we were actually wrong. Completely wrong. It was actually much more. I apologise for that! It was completely my fault and, as editor-in-chief of this fine publication, I’m here to fall on my sword.

We should do better. We will do better.

In fact, we’re going to do so much better that we’re telling you, now, that Star Citizen‘s crowdfunding drive has reached $40 million. I mean, it hasn’t. It’s only $33 million. But you know, at this rate this thing is chugging along, $40 million seems pretty believable.

At $40 million, Star Citizen‘s backers will get, err… a fully-realised Imperial Star Destroyer, licensed from LucasArts, and, uh, a pony. Yes.

There! Don’t ever accuse us of being late ever again.

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Now you’re just spreading disinfo.


Ugh satire…


Ugh satire…

pretty much this


So when will they be sending out the ponies?


LOL nicely done Tim, I have a feeling 40mil will be January-February, by release likely 60mil plus going on year one figures.


spooler: pretty much this

Lighten uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup


The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit $50-60 million sometime next year.



Wow, look at captain buzz-killington over here huh?


If you don’t get your Pony with StarCitizen, Tim is going to be more than happy to “pony” up the cash and buy every backer one.



You heard it here first, guys. Tim pays if you don’t get a pony.


I hereby accept full personal responsibility if Chris Roberts does not deliver a pony as I have predicted.


Tim Colwill,

You can’t win can you Tim.

We SC fans are animals :D


Man, some of you guys, lighten up!

Also, fuck yeah pony, fuck yeah Star Destroyer! I LIKE BOTH THESE THINGS~!



The next stretch goal after that will be sonic rainboom as engine upgrade.



You’re totally a closet brony ;)



…ummm a friend told me about it…yeah that’s it…


I’m sorry but you aren’t allowed to take away my joy in pointing out that whatever amount you report that Star Citizen has actually reached is almost immediately going to be out of date. Well… you can but I strongly protest, so there!

Btw, how to make $500,000 in a day by just selling 400 totally imaginary spaceships, way to go. Would probably have been that amount in 30 seconds if they had sold all 400 in one lot, instead of 4 lots of 100 over a day XD.

PS I’ll take a pony as well, for my niece of course.


$500,000 in a day, you have Tim’s disease. Try $1.48mil in a day.


Tim’s disease? Hey Tim, you now have a disease named after you.

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