Star Citizen breaks $29 million: Squadron 42 single-player campaign to be enhanced

Star Citizen

By on November 26, 2013 at 9:44 am

UPDATE: Thankyou to everyone for pointing out that the game has, in fact, actually passed $31 million. Guess that’s what we get for waiting 24 hours to post this article! Damn you, Star Citizen.

Another week, another outrageous milestone for the apparently unstoppable Star Citizen, which has now raked in over $29 million in crowdfunding from excited space-fans across the space-world.

This new million-dollar slice will be used to bump up the single player ‘Squadron 42′ campaign, to make it “a true spiritual successor to Wing Commander”.

“Squadron 42 can go above and beyond anything you’ve seen before,” writes Roberts. “From opening with an epic battle instead of a training patrol to missions that seamlessly combine boarding and space combat, we aim to put you right into the action! Additional funding will let the team realize this, with enhanced mission design and more resources and animations to enhance fidelity.”

Cloud Imperium have even put together a little video for us all to celebrate. Take a look:

Source: RSI

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That’s old news, they’ve hit $31,000,000 now XD


Yeah last I checked yesterday they were approaching the 31 mil rather rapidly. Little behind the eight ball guys.


30 and 31 Million are just new ships (well, a ship and a mining platform), I think the 29 Million goal that was unlocked is far more interesting.


Well I don’t have the Star Citizen web site as my home page so I didn’t know. :)


They make money faster than Tim can make an article :) Keep it up though lots of people don’t visit the side 20 times per day.



Are you suggesting there is something wrong with me obsessively checking their site 20 times (at least) a day.


Lol, might be time I pledged I guess.



Valid point I was kind of more interested in the Squadron 42 enhanced mission design thing myself. It’s going to be very interesting to see how those missions turn out, it’s been ages since I’ve played a Wing Commander style game. (I remember destroying a control pad thanks to Wing Commander 3 lol)




If this game doesn’t meet peoples expectations the developers along with the genre will go down in flames.



If I am, I suffer from the same condition :)


It won’t meet everyone’s expectations 100%, but if they can manage to do 80% it should be fine, it’s impossible to please everyone as ones persons idea of good maybe be the total opposite of someone else.


Tim Colwill,

It’s ok, keeping up with Star Citizen’s goals would be like keeping somebody updated about a drag race in progress via snail mail.


I’d be more excited if I didn’t know that The Old Republic cost >$150 million to make.

Having a budget is important, but ultimately even with an unlimited it is by no means a guarantee of a decent game.

I’m skeptical of the entire idea of including or excluding features in a game depending on the budget. You should include them based on whether, you know, (call me crazy) they actually improve the game or not.


Woops double post silly phone


I’d be more excited if I didn’t know that The Old Republic cost >$150 million

I’d be willing to bet that 70% or more of that was middle management wages and marketing. Whereas with star citizen there are maybe 7 people that are getting paid who are not actually working on the game. Even Chris Roberts is working on the code. And their marketing strategy is basically one of word of mouth and viral marketing. So no real costs there.

Also if you read what the stretch goals are that’s not how they work. They are things that were planed to be in the game anyway. However reaching the funding goals allows them to be in the game at release instead of post release



It’ll be almost impossible to meet everyones total expectations, especially when you go onto their forums and read some of the shit people come up with and then say “CIG said they were going to do this” when in actual truth they never said anything of the sort.
Most of the crap that causes the hate for this game come from morons on the forum spinning bullshit out of the air.

If Chris Roberts does what he says he will, then the game with be amazing. If he reneges and runs off to his own tropical beach in the middle of the ocean while rubbing the money he got from the fans all over his oiled nipples, then I guess i’m ok with that too (Mainly because I know he wont do that; who oils their nipples right?).


Makes it sound like I’m missing nothing by hanging around the RSI forums then. :)



Yeah, you really aren’t. It’s started off amazing! Now it’s pretty much like every other major forum on the internet. A cesspool of tolls, haters and defenders. Not to mention the fanatics etc. But also some highly creative people there too!


TBH, I don’t really care for Star Citizen. Sounds like an awesome game and all. But until its *out* I have no real interest in milestones or what will or wont be in the game. I think crowd funding is a great idea, but from casual onlooker I don’t feel there is much to show just yet for $31 Million.
Why cant they get a large investor by now, push them out to 100mill++, they must have approached the big guys. Why don’t they feel it’s worthy of their investment?(maybe the have answered this, I don’t really care enough to research more than I have)

They didn’t seem to go off and pump in some real dev and then come back, it just seems like it has been an ongoing send us you money and you will get a game..eventually.
I feel I would be “over it” by 2015 (release as per wiki), in which time I will have had a taste of various sections of the game, so nothing is really new and exciting. Think WoW, now we are 4 expansions in and almost 10 years down the track, we might lurk back each expansion but the excitement isn’t what it used to be. I guess what I’m getting at, is they should probably work on something substantial to release rather than trickle feed the game in order to maximise funding, which in turn creates more work for them. I feel they may be out scoping their product in order to obtain popularity and financial support.

Having said all that, I don’t read to much about Star Citizen. So maybe you all have something more than a tech demo to play, and some high poly models to look at. How many of you have spent over $80-100 already (price of a game). Or even comparing to WoW subscriptions. I probably spent a grand all up on wow Subs etc. But I had a good 6 years of gaming so show for it. What do you have if anyone has spent this much? a few space ships you can look at and a space deck to walk around in? No real game for another 2 years yet? I’d just be cautious continuing to sink money into a game which will be 3-4 years old before I can even really play it.

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