Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues ramps up production for early access

Shroud of the Avatar

By on November 11, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Portalarium’s upcoming MMO Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues will soon let players install the game and create new characters it seems, as the company begins to introduce the crowd-sourcing elements it promised in its Kickstarter campaign.

As Polygon notes, Portalarium’s Executive Producer Starr Long explained the release schedule to backers on the official forums – the first early access opportunity will take place from December 12th to 14th, allowing backers to install Shroud of the Avatar, create new characters, claim and decorate a house and test the first town.

The second release will take place from January 24th – 26th and will add crafting, shopping and character customisation. The third will occur from February 20th to 22nd and add in multiplayer (as opposed to the persistent single player available in prior releases) and the fourth release will take place from March 20th, and add in sweet, sweet combat and magic. For more details check out the thread on the official forums – it seems like a pretty tightly packed schedule, but given Shroud of the Avatar‘s progress so far it doesn’t seem out of reach.

Source: Polygon

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only a couple of days to play test? That’s ashame. Every time those weekend style tests happen I end up getting called into work or something else pops up where I’m otherwise “not home”.


I supported this game on kickstarter, but I am not looking forward to it now. I am happy to buy a game, but the cost to purchase a house with real money is a joke.


Yeah, housing is meant to be such a big part of the game but there are only what 200 lots?

Its not like star citizen where every thing you can purchase now is accessible in game either, concerned how the limited supply bit will play out.



I thought maybe I was the only one who felt like this.

I loved the old Ultima 4-7, but this…
I wish they would show more about the game play. I can’t believe that so many people are so excited about decorating houses. That makes me think of ‘the sims’ not Ultima. And having a job – I have one already I play games to escape the rut of job and house not keep playing it.

Really having serious doubts about this game. If not for the fact that they promise fully off line solo play I would probably try to sell my key.

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