Oculus Rift will launch with only one, single model next year

Oculus Rift

By on November 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm

The CEO of Oculus VR has clarified that the company will only be launching one model and one version of its product when it finally releases in 2014.

“We will be delivering a single Oculus Rift which is a tether to multiple different devices,” says CEO Brendan Iribe to Engadget, “and now we’re looking to also support tethering to a mobile device.”

What sort of mobile devices? Well, according to Oculus’ new CTO John Carmack, “I don’t think it’s going to require that full Kepler capability. I think we’ll be able to deliver on an even earlier chipset than that.”

Read the full interview here.

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TravelCalm and cash at the ready….


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Or lack of.

Time to rob that bank.



Finally I can put my payday 2 skills to use!


Take preorders allready!


Bring it on!


And when you get one make sure you pick up (Australian Made) Lunar Flight currently the #1 Rated Oculus Rift title on the official Oculus Share site! ;)



tethering to a mobile device ? wait so how do these things actually work ?


i wonder how much it will be on release.


tethering to a mobile device ? wait so how do these things actually work ?

hmmm, well I guess we have 2 possibilities here:
1. USB otg. however given the dev kit requires both a video output and a USB input to work, forcing the micro USB port on phones into mini HDMI mode and USB OTG might be a bit a stretch… I guess it would depend on hardware and firmware configurations.
2. WiFi direct. if so the oculus guys have let slip their intention to make the OR wireless (although there’s also the power cable to account for. batteries would likely increase the weight an uncomfortable amount).

edit: after reading the interview I’m inclined to think USB OTG.



Also, wifi is going to have some fairly severe latency problems when it comes to the Rift. I recall reading somewhere that the latency was the biggest problem facing the implementation of VR, since for an immersive experience you need to get it under 100ms, and ideally under 10ms.


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The brains perceived response time is somewhere around the 20-30ms range (IIRC) depending on the person. Although the nervous system can have latencies much lower (2-5ms), the brain processes, re-times and synchronises to the slowest nerves (typically the further away they are the slower, so toes is an example). This is so that events match up, otherwise when you touch your toes to somewhere on your face you would feel like something unknown is touching your face for a split second, and there will be a very small delay on your toes. This would lead to confusion.

Its the same with auditory and visual perceptions. The brain can make things appear synchronised from different sensory input, when they are not.

So 10ms is more than ideal. Currently the rift has latencies around 48ms for optimised non graphics intensive simulations/games. If they can shave off another 20ms then it would be ideal as most people would not perceive any latency at all, no matter how hard they tried.

It should be noted that the brain can compensate for more latency, hence why the current rift generally ‘feels’ ok, but it can be straining for the brain. There is a certain point though where you might start to feel like there’s something wrong, but can’t figure out what it is. However add a little more latency and all of a sudden its clearly obvious that there is latency as the brain is no longer compensating.

As always the brain can learn to adjust after repeated exposure.


I have the dev kit coming in the next few weeks, that will keep me going until the consumer model comes out.

Even though I dont have the rift yet, I cant wait for the consumer model to arrive.

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