Oculus Rift inventor and founder says next-gen consoles are “too limited”

Oculus Rift

By on November 13, 2013 at 8:35 am

Palmer Luckey, inventor and founder of the excellent Oculus Rift, has come out in an interview saying that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “are too limited for what we want to do”.

Talking to Techradar, Luckey remarked that they wanted to “continue making progress internally” while releasing any “big jumps” they make. “The problem with consoles in general is that once they come out they’re locked to a certain spec for a long, long time. Look at the PCs that existed eight years ago. There have been so many huge advances since then.”

“We’re seeing games that are already saying they’re gonna run in 720p on next gen so they can barely hit 60 in 2D,” says Luckey. “It’s hard to imagine them running a VR experience that’s on par with PC. And certainly five years from now the experiences and the technology for virtual reality that will be available on PC is going to be be so far beyond anything that a console can provide.

The interview covers a range of topics, including motion sickness, mobile gaming and Valve; definitely worth a read on your lunch or brunch hour.

Source: Techradar

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Oh well, maybe the PS5 and Xbox 33 ½ will be able to use it….



Here’s a handy link for any Australian Microsoft or Sony PR guys.



More like the Nintendo Puu.



Here’s a handy link for any Australian Microsoft or Sony PR guys.


I’m glad this won’t be hitting the consoles, but no doubt some one else will make something similar for them.



Sony already has a VR headset for the PS4 though. Its going to continue from the VR headset they released for the PS3. This also explains why the Oculus Rift guys are all anti-console because there’s no way in hell they’d ever be able to partner with them given that they’re already competing with them.


The problem being that Sony’s is decades behind the Occulus in capabilities. It’s kinda silly actually the way the consoles are locked in specs as if there was a dedicated upgrade path it wouldn’t be a problem to design/update for, it still wouldn’t end up with the Myriad of PC configurations and would allow longer hardware lifespans without being stupidly out of date (XBone for 10 years BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).



Here’s a handy link for any Australian Microsoft or Sony PR guys.

I laughed more then I should have over this.



You’re not the only one. Stupid people with a sense of humour!
I followed the TechRadar link, expecting to see lots of anti-pc comments like you’d find at places like GameSpot, but no one has actually commented yet. Odd.

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