Mysterious teaser site sparks Fallout 4 speculation


By on November 17, 2013 at 9:23 am

It’s about time Bethesda got around to Fallout 4, don’t you think? Me too. It’s got to happen sometime, right? And we don’t know what the core development team has been up to since Skyrim DLC wrapped. Is it any wonder, then, that the Internet has seized on a series of slim clues, put two and two together and got “Fallout Four”?

The speculation was sparked by the arrival of a new website called Survivor 2299, apparently belonging to Bethesda parent company Zenimax. It’s got some morse code, a countdown pointing to a December 11 reveal (lines up nicely for a reveal after the upcoming Spike TV VGX show), and not much else.

That said, GamesIndustry is pretty sure it’s all a fake, as the domain actually traces back to a company in Poland, which is unusual – and you probably remember that whole Prey 2 teaser site hoax, which may have inspired a copycat.

Source: VG247

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I doubt we’ll hear anything untill after ESO comes out …


Hos is this “new” news? we have known this for ages now. Or you just reminding us of the face speculation exists.


elderscrolls online isnt being developed by bethedsa, so shouldnt affect any of their releases


In case anyone is interested the morse code is repeating “12.11.13″ so like the article says something will be happening then if it isn’t fake.


elderscrolls online isnt being developed by bethedsa, so shouldnt affect any of their releases

interesting that … because alot of Bethesda staff are working on it.


I really hope they’re going to go PC/next gen console only with their next Fallout/Elder Scrolls game. There’s so much potential there for some better open world games.


please be true. Fallout 4 on a new fancy engine would be amazing!!! Time will tell if this true or not :(


I’d like it to be true, but the DNS records just don’t match up Zenimax’s other sites.

Example: whois and and both sites match records. Whois and you get a different registrar (godaddy) and master NS records, and tracerouting them goto some VPS host, all with zenimax don’t use.

If it does end up being real then… wow, suppose I’ll have to eat my hat or something.


Apparently Bethesda filed for trademark on Fallout 4 a couple of days ago going off by what someone posted here:


I liked Fallout before it went 2D…. Fallout 1 was too mainstream.

etc. etc.

spooler: interesting that … because alot of Bethesda staff are working on it.

Where is this evidence of Bethesda Games Studio people being transferred to ESO?


Just give it to Obsidian please Todd.



Obsidian are busy making Project Eternity.


I can wait. I’d much rather wait for something faithful to the original games than get another mediocre RPG that ignores established lore

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