League of Legends league system changing, more LP progression incoming

League of Legends

By on November 7, 2013 at 11:12 am

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t progressing fast enough through the league system in League of Legends, then you may be excited to hear the Riot are going to be tinkering with the system to make everything not only more fun, but more clear as well.

Going live next week after the end of Season 3, you should now see much bigger LP gains after each win, except in Diamond I or above. “The small LP gains are necessary in Diamond I to ensure Challenger represents only the very best players and is highly accurate,” says Riot Socrates over on Reddit.

Tier demotion and shielding will also be added, with Socrates saying “When we investigated player performance over the season we found that a small but not insubstantial group of players would reach division V of a tier and then consistently become more toxic and start to lose more frequently. Though tier immunity was originally intended to combat ladder anxiety we feel that complete immunity creates poor incentives and leads to abuse of the system.”

“When you enter division V you’ll have a set number of games where you are invulnerable to dropping a tier, currently this is 10 but it is subject to change. After this if you fall more than a full tier below your placement in terms of MMR, a warning will appear in your profile.”

The reasons behind a change in tier size in Challenger are also discussed, so hit up the Reddit thread if you want more info.

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Damn, I wish Dota had a ladder or visible mmr, like at all. It’s like the article says, you just stop caring when the outcomes don’t affect anything. Sounds like my avg day solo queueing in Dota.


I’m glad that they’re doing this. Currently you can’t drop from say gold to silver which is just silly in the first place imo (if you’re not performing as a gold player then you don’t deserve gold anymore) but to compensate they make it stupidly and arguably unfairly hard to get to the next tier. I just hit Silver 1 and my LP gains for wins went from 22 to 6. It’s very jarring and has completely killed any drive I had to try to make it to gold as i’d have to now win 20 games in a row within 5 days to get gold now.

I think however they’re being a bit leniant with the tier demotion. In order to drop from gold to silver the system would need to think you belong in silver 5, I think something like silver 3 would be a more sufficient.


Well it’s interesting that all 3 major players have done it differently.

HON shows MMR explicitly
LOL shows it partially by obscuring it with leagues
DOTA2 hides it completely

It may something similar to the dividend irrelevancy theory. Doesn’t matter what system you use, because you’ll be attracting users that like your system anyway, and the market is big enough for multiple players to thrive.

Minkelz, I think players “not caring” is precisely the environment that DOTA2 is trying to create. A lot of toxic behaviour comes from people who hate losing because their MMR visibly goes down, or they just killed their chance of a league promotion. I think Valve’s philosophy is going for an environment where you can cheer for an opponent who pulls off a particularly clutch move like a 4 man black hole that wins them the game, not a game where you curse the enemy when that happens. If elements of the game (like losing MMR or failing a league promotion) creates negative feelings while playing the game then it’s not a good thing.

TLDR Valve and Riot are both trying to attract players who are there to have fun and more importantly are pleasant for other people to be around, and they’re NOT trying to attract players who are of the mindset that “they want to win and want to have a visible score of their ranking so they can see how much better they are than the scrubs around them”


It’s very jarring and has completely killed any drive I had to try to make it to gold as i’d have to now win 20 games in a row within 5 days to get gold now.

Forgive me if the answer is obvious but how do you know how many wins you need to promote? I have been stuck on silver for some months now and I am very up and down in terms of win and always just assumed I just needed to get X kills/wins/etc to promote.

To me my biggest barrier to promoting up the ladder and so winning is my team as often I get teamed with bad players who often are more agar to surrender than trying to win which to me makes zero sense. I can’t understand why you would enter a game only to surrender often inside the first 20 minutes when you think you are going to lose and some times when we have more kills too.


Well I’ve played over 1K games in both HoN and Dota 2. I had less then 10 games abandoned or d/c in HoN. I have over 100 games abandoned in Dota 2.

My MMR would be much higher in HoN, a lot of games in Dota I’m just buying stupid items and screwing around if not outright trolling. I tried for months to get 1900 rating and was usually in 1800+. When a game loaded up with all 1850+ players you knew shit was on and people tried their best.

By contrast in Dota in very high (95%+ iirc skill bracket) you still get games where no one buys wards or upgrades courier, something that you would see in every single HoN game 1600+.

People just don’t care if they win or not, and why should they? They’ve taken every incentive of doing well out with complete lockdown of profiles to be nothing but a name and a picture.

I’ll keep playing because there’s no game that’s more entertaining for me, but I wish there was an avenue for good games and to try get better instead of just screwing around all the time.


My experience with Very High Bracket in DOTA2 is quite different, never failed to have a courier and wards… then again, I don’t mind picking support if there’s no obvious support hero, so I guess the game is what you make of it… (basically, if there’s no wards and courier, you could say that you’re at least part of the problem and potentially also the solution?)

I guess it all comes down to preference. I wasn’t as highly rated in HON (1750+ in closed beta, I think there’s been a bit of rank inflation since then?) and I definitely think the player-base in HON is generally more skilled, or, as you call, care more about winning. My gut feeling is that the top 5% in DOTA2 is something similar to the top 20% in HON.

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