Kingdoms of Amalur IP worth a billion dollars, says founder of 38 Studios

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

By on November 28, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning looked like it had it all, but when it came to the final result it just… well, it just wasn’t very fun, and as a result the game sold poorly, and as a result the whole studio collapsed.

The rights to the Amalur franchise go up for auction in December, and Curt Schilling, the founder of developers 38 Studios, reckons that it’s worth at least a billion dollars.

“If someone were to buy Amalur, put team back on it, it’s a billion dollar franchise,” said Schilling on Twitter. “2 years later and still no ones done what we were doing.”

Multiple “well-known” studios are said to be interested in purchasing the rights to Amalur and other 38 Studios properties, though no names have been disclosed. The auction will be concluded on December 4, with profits going to the State of Rhode Island, who took ownership of the IP when 38 Studios defaulted on several loans.

Source: Gamespot

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First game sold around half of its break-even mark so, yeah.


I really enjoyed this game a lot, not sure what everyone’s problem with it was, the combat was really fun, the world was colourful and the arena battles were awesome..


I really enjoyed this game a lot, not sure what everyone’s problem with it was, the combat was really fun, the world was colourful and the arena battles were awesome..

Everyones problem was that it was an MMO that they couldnt finish so they turned it into a single player game. They lost money on the first game and the studio died didn’t it?

I’m sure he’s just showing confidence in how nice a world he thinks they created, nobody is dumb enough to think it’s seriously worth that much.


That said the game was fun. Not a billion dollars worth of fun, but still entertaining. The fact that it was an mmo project converted into a single player never bothered me at all to be honest.


I think people can’t get past what the game could of been, and wont let themselves enjoy what it actually is.



Sounds like most of the reactions to Bioshock Infinite.



Funnily enough I actually enjoyed that one too.



So did I. I loved it.


I liked the part where he explained why the IP is worth a bajillion dollars.


I liked the game, at first i didn’t know it was meant to be a MMO but it certainly had the MMO feel.

so maybe with the right team this could be a AAA MMO.


My amusement at this isn’t that the game isn’t fun, nor that people enjoyed it for what it was, but that he’s suggesting it could be a billion dollar juggernaut like CoD, and frankly, I don’t see that being the case.




Don’t know why everyone keeps repeating that MMO thing, it’s not true. There was a seperate MMO, Copernicus or something, and then there was Kingdoms of Amalur, which originally was a separate single player RPG being made by Big Huge Games, which was converted into the Amalur universe when they got bought out.



Wow you’re absolutely right. I just did a little digging and found pretty much what you just said on wikipedia:

38 Studios, owned by former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, originally began developing the Amalur universe with a 10,000 year history created by R.A. Salvatore for use in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), codenamed Copernicus. In 2009, they acquired Big Huge Games as Ken Rolston and his team had already been working on an RPG while Big Huge Games was part of THQ.[5] The studio decided to retool their existing single-player role-playing game (RPG) to be set within the same universe in order to introduce the Amalur MMORPG.[9] 38 Studios shutdown in May 2012.[10]


quite enjoyed it even got the dlcs for it



BI was stacked as high-as-the-sky, full of problems, issues, and things that did not add up. Despite all of that, it was still a really enjoyable game to play which says a lot to the great work the studio put in to it.


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