Internode founder Simon Hackett appointed to NBN Co. board


By on November 12, 2013 at 12:55 pm

Internode founder and warrior-king of old Simon Hackett has been appointed to the board of the NBN Co, Malcolm Turnbull announced today.

Hackett, alongside new members Patrick Flannigan and Justin Milne, join a board composed of Ziggy Switkowski, Alison Lansley and Kerry Schot. This brings the total number of warrior-kings appointed to the NBN Co. board to one.

The NBN Co. is currently undertaking a review of the service in line with the directions of the Coalition government, and will be assisted by the board in its final decision. Hackett is a supporter of the current fibre-to-the-home strategy, and will hopefully bring pressure to bear on the government to continue with that rather than scrapping it in favour of fibre-to-the-node.

Asked for a comment on the matter, Hackett replied that he was “keen to get on with it”, before somersaulting backwards into the open cockpit of a battlemech and blasting off into low-earth orbit.

Source: Malcolm Turnbull (TY Mug, Sathias)

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Hopefully this brings us a step closer to getting FTTP instead of FTTN.


Ok Simon – can you go in for bat for us on the Sunshine Coast – Qld who no NBN is going to ever exist for as of last weekend – we have rotting copper in the ground, oversold wireless that barely works, and basic dsl is even suffering because Hellstra will not fix the phone lines- I’ve given up on asking our MP Warren Truss – maybe you could mention it to Mr Turnbull since he seems to only think of the major metropolitan areas.

I know – pipe dream right?


now we also ask that you make data caps a thing of the past and just have plans that are line rental…



I want to believe!


Ziggy was possibly the worst thing that happened to Telstra. Good luck Simon!



Pretty much this…



Doubtful this will happen for a long, long time. I believe Malone gives some good reasoning as to why in several of his interviews. Also with 1TB data caps it doesn’t seem overly necessary…


morte: I know – pipe dream right?



I never expected this. I thought they would want yes men on the board so they can get whatever they want done.



for you and me maybe… but Business and the medical field could really benefit from not having to worry about the cost of Uploading large amounts of data… Datacentres, Game developers, testers all of them would benefit from such a scheme. While I understand why ISPS are trying to make Data Caps a reality, frankly from a moral srtand point they are horrible… imagine if your sewrage was paid for in the same manner… What would happen if you ran out of sewrage uses half way through your allocation…I strongly feel Internet access should be considered as an ammenity, not a luxury.


omg i want to play mechwarrior with Simon Hackett. =D



I have no personal views on the matter, but really if internet usage was treated as every other amenity wouldn’t it be on a pay-as-you-consume basis rather than a static monthly payment? So really not the best comparison there…



As Ralph mentioned, if it was an amenity like power/water/sewerage, you would still pay your monthly fee as well as pay-per-GB (usage). You don’t typically pay a flat rate for power and get unlimited electricity for the month…



As Ralph mentioned, if it was an amenity like power/water/sewerage, you would still pay your monthly fee as well as pay-per-GB (usage).You don’t typically pay a flat rate for power and get unlimited electricity for the month…

Well. I pay nothing thanks to Solar and a small wind turbine, just one big fat fee.

You could also pay nothing for Sewerage and water too if you play your cards right.

Internet? No such viable alternatives exist, not since free internet providers like Global Freeway went bust over a decade ago.


After being appointed, I imagine Hackett when to Turnbull and said this (Complete with the same facial expressions)…

Nasty Wet Smear

… Is that thing about the battlemech true? Because I’m pretty hard right now and I’m not ashamed.



Using that logic (solar/wind turbine), you would pay a small fee and then provide your own Internet.

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