Hand of Fate is an Australian-made RPG/card game hybrid, and it’s launching on Kickstarter

Hand of Fate

By on November 13, 2013 at 11:40 am

Australian developers Defiant have just launched the Kickstarter for their new game Hand of Fate, which some readers may remember from the show floor at this year’s PAX Australia.

Hand of Fate blends tabletop card gaming with RPG action, creating what Defiant call a “card-based roguelike” where the randomised cards come to life as dungeons to explore and monsters to also explore (with your sword).

Because you can control how the deck is built prior to each game, you can adjust the sort of game you’d like to experience. It’s all very interesting-looking, but to make it a DRM-free reality, Defiant are looking for $50,000 on Kickstarter. They’ve already raised $4,000, and as little as $15 gets you a copy of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Take a look here — it’s one of the first Official Australian Kickstarters as well, so do your bit for your nation and pledge it up.

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I feel sorry for people who ‘contribute’ to kickstarters.

They’re basically price gouging how much they can take from saps.

The guy said it all, the game design is solid, now we want you to give us money so we can add some more small content in for you!!!



What would you rather indies do then. There’s no real alternative to the publisher model. So they have to crowd source.


I believe Kickstarter breeds innovation.
Publishers these days are somewhat hesitant to fund new styles of gameplay that may have a market out there. Kickstarter allows these new gameplay to come to fruition due to consumer interest.
Also allows older gameplay styles, that already have a market out there, to make a comeback. eg.. Satellite Reign and Star Citizen!
KS also allows big publishers to realize the popularity of these new games and release something bigger and better… :x

Last but not least unknown game designers/developers can get recognition in the industry opening up more future career opportunities!



If it’s below $50 it’s minimal risk really. I backed my first thing on Kickstarter yesterday and I’ve got no problems with this payment model (Wings Remastered btw)


I don’t see anyone talking about the actual game yet, so allow me. I really like the combination of card game and RPG slashy-type action, looks like it could be really exciting. Of course I need to see more to be convinced, but I’m feeling positive about it so far. I also like that they’re supporting Mac and Linux from the outset (according to this article at least).

The coolest thing though, is that they’re in Brisbane, and that I could actually go meet them if I wanted to. That bit is cool. Or I can go and yell at them if this all goes bad.


I love kickstarter projects because of the original ideas it serves to promote…not watered-down, stock approved gaming structures based on repeating successful but ‘already-been-there’ ideas. Brilliant. And Hand of Fate is a prime example. I have just finished my first Let’s Play of the early early early access provided to backers. Its live on YouTube if anyone is interested.


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