Future Valve games won’t be SteamOS exclusives, Valve reassures


By on November 7, 2013 at 8:48 am

Many companies enjoy locking consumers into their proprietary products by making their games exclusive to those platforms (cough cough, Origin and Battlefield 3, cough cough) but Valve have moved to reassure customers that that will not be the case with any future titles.

“You won’t see an exclusive killer app for SteamOS from us,” said Valve’s Greg Comer to IGN. “We’re not going to be doing that kind of thing.”

Valve’s Anna Sweet added that “That would go against our whole philosophy, to launch something that’s exclusive to SteamOS or Steam machines.”

“We believe that, in maybe five years from now, folks will find it a quite antiquated notion that you should assume that when you change devices or platforms, that you lose all of your other games and friends. We’re hoping to unify, to get Steam to be as platform- and context-agnostic as possible. You shouldn’t have to shed that every generation, or even slightly shed it.”

SteamOS, if you missed it, is Valve’s new operating system which will run on their new hardware and allow you to stream games between Steam installations. Read about it here.

Source: IGN

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Damn straight!



Dammit, read the title and almost expected a “HL3 Confirmed!” comment. Valve are a little more slippery than that though I guess.



Agreed it was a sneaky use of Half life in the title to get us to read it :)

As for not being exclusive even if only for a very short time does surprise me but if they do stick to their word I do look forward to this more open gaming experience in the future. This could potentially lead to the predicted end of the console as we know it as a stand alone system and move to all consoles to become like Steam Boxes and compete on spec not on exclusives.


Tim, you sensationalist bastard!

Don’t toy with our emotions like a child’s plaything.

Please change the title to “Future Valve games won’t be SteamOS exclusives, Valve reassures” so future readers don’t suffer the crippling sadness that comes after reading such a title and seeing no content related to it.



I didn’t even mean to, it just felt natural!


Tim Colwill,

What was the original title?


Tim Colwill:

I didn’t even mean to, it just felt natural!


Tim Colwill,

What was the original title?

“Half-Life 3 and other future Valve games (etc)”

It’s still in the URL because I’m too lazy ;)


ArmA 3′s steam-exclusive. I don’t think you could make your game linux-exclusive as that’d be a very stupid decision financially for a big company.

Again, Valve like pointing out the obvious to get into the news :|



They have to point out the obvious because EA, Microsoft and Sony don’t understand it.
I’m surprised they’re not in dot points.
Sometimes when i look at the big companies the amount of stupidity scares me.


An OS exclusive is very different to a DRM platform exclusive, of course Valve games will remain an exclusive to Steam, just like EA and Ubisoft and everyone else does with their platforms.



Wait, why did people think they would be anyway?
Doesn’t sound at all like the kind of think valve would do.


Wait, why did people think they would be anyway?
Doesn’t sound at all like the kind of think valve would do.

There’s been a rumour floating around the interwebs that HL3 would be exclusive to steambox, I’m guessing they want to lay that to rest before it picks up and becomes a meme.



Wasn’t that just pure speculation, originally? I don’t think Valve ever said anything to substantiate that, but this is the internets we’re talking about, so they don’t really need to.

I always thought it would have been an absurd idea, and there was very little reason for Valve to do that in the first place. If HL3 ever gets released, that is. Maybe better to let it die?


redshirt: Wasn’t that just pure speculation, originally?

Yes, but it’s best to kill rumors like this ASAP before they become commonplace and hard to control the fallout of.

A recent example of this is the claim that the PS4 has over heating issues, which all started because one allegedly overheated while it was stuck in a glass enclosure without ventilation all day while being used, developers that have/are working with the hardware have come out and said there’s no truth to the rumors yet they still manage to persist.

redshirt: Maybe better to let it die?

I’d like to hear them say they’re binning the franchise I’m sick of hearing about it :P

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