Guild Wars 2 offers free copy, only asks for your soul

Guild Wars 2

By on November 28, 2013 at 10:24 am

Guild Wars 2 has been a bit quiet lately. I mean, people still play the game and all, but you don’t hear a lot of news coming out of the world of Tyria. Maybe that’s because I don’t pay enough attention or something.

But ArenaNet isn’t giving up without a fight. Not content to see players lured over by the prospect of brand new EVE Online expansions, annual updates to World of Warcraft and the looming prospect of Elder Scrolls Lose-Your-Life-Online, they’ve decided to make Guild Wars 2 free. For you. If you’ll do them a small favour.

“Pledge your commitment to the world of Tyria by reading the Guild Wars 2 Oath on video for a chance to win a FREE COPY of Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition,” the Guild Wars 2 Great MMO Migration says. All you have to do is read a pre-prepared statement on camera and fill in the blanks. I’ve even done the last part for you, below. (Everything italicised is the choose your own literary adventure part.)

“I, Coofle SnugglyPants, renounce F1 Simulator games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2. I likewise declare my freedom from mouth-breathing subscription fees! That I turn my back forever on the ABC’s political coverage which is/are totally inspired by Gaben. That I will take up arms to defend the console peasants and crush evil with my noun. I take this oath to Guild Wars 2 freely, without a burning sensation in my lower thigh because I am a horse.”

I thought it was funnier to leave noun in. Sue me. If this kind of word-play inspires you to similar shenanigans with a dictionary, then head on over to the MMO Migration Page. But it you’d rather skip all the nonsense and prefer to play Guild Wars 2 now, ArenaNet are kindly offering a 40% discount. Aren’t holidays fun?

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All other mmo’s get expansions and regular content updates… gw2 gets the same recycled, buggy as hell living story content wrapped in a new skin every couple weeks… love this game and still play nearly everyday , but they really need some new content to freshen it up , or people will keep leaving.

So much potential just getting wasted…



My thoughts exactly though I myself quit the game a year ago.

GW2 had amazing potential but the bizarre as hell design direction post-launch just ruined it so badly. Going back on their pre-launch promises, barely making the slightest effort to balance classes and wasting development resources on silly side games/holiday events rather then fleshing out the core game just squandered the chance they had to be a serious contender.

And lo and behold, we have another silly marketing stunt. So much flash, precious little subsistence. Such a damn pity.


My thoughts exactly though I myself quit the game a year ago.

Well, if you’ve quit the game that means you haven’t played it. So I’d take the rest of your post with a large amount of skepticism.

And to just refute your claims;
- Theres a content patch every 2 weeks which is admittedly an interesting design direction. But then again, in a stale mmo market would you rather just play another WoW clone or something uniquely different?
- In the bi-weekly patch cycle there are always class balances. and every couple of patches has a major class balance, including skill reworks.
- I refute that the mini-games are silly. They’re fun and many people enjoy them. (my favourite one so far has got to be the GW2 version of Quake/UT. so fun)
- Also there are frequent quality of life changes to the core game. Even a minor one in last Wednesday’s patch.

I would mention “Going back on their pre-launch promises” (I assume you mean ascended gear?), but to fully understand that you need active knowledge of the game.

And now that I’ve gone full keyboard warrior, I have an exam to study for. If I remember, ill provide sources to what I mentioned tomorrow night.

EDIT: random info graphic


The thing I find stupid is that in a game where the largest complaint is because of the lack of content, that they would invest the majority of thier resources developing temporary content.

They finally bought out a new dungeon for those who love dungeon running not long ago and they REPLACED one of the existing dungeons to do it. Removing a dungeon path that was accessible to anybody over 55 (instead of fixing the one single boss fight at the end that most people didn’t like) and replacing it with a dungeon path ONLY for level 80s. Reducing the overall dungeon content for players below 80 while effectively keeping it the same for 80s.

It was followed by comments like “even the permanant content is only temporary”

At least it is an extremely well designed dungeon though.

Living story stuff is ok, I’ve nothing against it. But it’s the same open world pve/zergfest/solo story instance stuff which is already there in massive amounts and covers something I’d guess at least 80% of the game content. They need to add content to the other parts of the game where there isn’t as much content. Most of all they need to make it permamant content.

Seeing some really fun dungeons like the Molten Facility get deleted after a month is just silly considering the development time wasted on it.

I’m glad they are bringing out new fractals now at least. That’ll help for a while.


The Living Story updates get very very lackluster, this is your typical 2 week update “New cosmetics, new skinner box rewards, new real money items, some random new event where mobs spawn and u farm them, F spamming achievements” \o/

The height of their updates ‘for me’ was Super Adventure Box, why? Because that thing was actually fun and different from your regular laggy new event, it’s weird that the most fun i’ve had in GW2 is from a super mario/zelda mini-game world and not the GW2 content itself.

I’ve played GW2 for the year and a bit it’s been out, and i’ll probably keep going back every now and then to check out some ‘actual good updates’. But other than that i just can’t bring myself to get bak in it, even when i’m not currently playing another MMO.

It’s not an uncommon opinion that this game has wasted potential, and a lot of broken game mechanics that need fixing.


The Living Story updates get very very lackluster, this is your typical 2 week update “New cosmetics, new skinner box rewards, new real money items, some random new event where mobs spawn and u farm them, F spamming achievements” o/

I think they may actually beleive that the ‘holiday event’ idea will make people play year round, just so they don’t miss out on the temporary items. They always had large influxes of players get back into the GW1 due to holiday events drawing old players in to play again, thinking “oh, I’ll just play for a week or 2 to get these event items and keep my collection up to date in case I go back” and then unintentionally getting re-attached to the game again.

That idea doesn’t work at all though when it’s happening all year around. If you leave during such an event, proceed to miss out on even more of them over the months of not playing. It’s unlikely that similar events are going to draw you back in again unless it is a repeated event that you previously played and enjoyed a lot.

That and the fact GW1 holiday events were a way to get valuable items to sell and increase your riches. Where GW2 events now are generally just bound items and nothing you can make money off. You can’t even vendor a lot of it, let alone place it on the market.


There’s only so many times you can do the same old zerg crap… the “new” content is always the same , group up , zerg this , get more useless loot… , anet are just lazy , not to mention the huge amount of bugs in dungeons etc. that they just refuse to fix.

A good chunk of the dungeons I’ve ran this week have bugged out half way through , and evvveerryy time I’ve been able to attempt teq with TTS it has bugged out at the laser and we’ve lost…

There’s a lot of the map that hasn’t been developed yet , I just wish they would work on that with some new areas and dungeons over rehashing the same crap or changing what’s already there.


I didn’t find their group content very fun which is why i left guild wars 2 rather quickly.

I’ll admit I rushed to level 80 and did all the content. Was one of the first few people on my server to run around in full exotic.

All i did as an engineer in dungeons was use all my rifle skills then run around in circles for 5minutes with auto attack on because everything was attacking me and no one could get any off me.

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