Fallout teaser site continues to tease, hints at reveal on November 25

Fallout 2299

By on November 26, 2013 at 10:33 am

If you’ve been following the saga of thesurvivor2299.com then you’ll know that it’s either a hint to an upcoming Fallout game announcement or an incredibly good hoax — and at this point frankly either would be okay.

The latest update to the site is the addition of a new code string, which translates into “one two two seven two zero one three || one one two five two zero one three” — or in plainer English, 27 December 2013, and 25 November 2013. What could these dates mean? Well it’s November 25 right now in Australia, but presumably if this is a genuine Bethesda site it won’t tick over to the 25th until US time, so check back later tonight or tomorrow and we should hopefully have found out.

Various codes have come and gone on the site, all of which have been feverishly captured and examined by excited Fallout fans. So far those include:


“Nuclear winter is coming. Reserve your future home today! ###PERMISSION DENIED BY OVERSEER (15334) ###” (it previously read “Nuclear winter is coming. Reserve your future home today! 877-260-2299″

“the quabbin reservoir is seven zero four two two nine nine”

Calling that phone number above reportedly resulted in the ‘Tranquility Lane’ theme from Fallout 3 being played down the phone to you, but the number has since been disconnected. Very mysterious.

If you’re dead curious, keep an eye on this Reddit thread for some extensive investigation and updates.

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Cant help being a little pessimistic but its probably just some new flash based fansite for a new upcoming title


Both .com and .net domains are owned by ZeniMax media, the guys who own iD software and Bethesda (makers of Fallout), so no, I find it almost impossible to be a hoax.

You should have also recognised the font if you’d played Fallout before. A quick search reveals it is indeed the same font (Monofonto) used in the game.

Finally a quick invert of the image and a google image search, shows the image is indeed from Fallout


no no im not saying it isnt for a fallout, maybe just a site for an upcoming title in the distant future perhaps.

also does anyone else have login troubles with this site? i keep having to relog back in every 10 minutes


It would be great to see the next Fallout be at the threshold and then the start of the apocalypse. Would be quite different though to not have that immediate wasteland presentation and really wouldn’t be like the traditional Fallout environment – but compelling I imagine, especially knowing what it all ends up as.

Could start out as a regular joe just living his life, maybe you are in military service or something against the chinese and either you take shelter as the missiles fall or you are on leave and assigned to a vault already or whatever. Could make some great gameplay with that sudden change and the horror of being trapped within vaults. hell maybe you have to play as a ghoul and you get to see the entire thing happen, front row seats.


Is the new code string you’re referring to the morse code that plays on the site?


Better not be an MMO, that’s all I’m saying.


lol been watching this since it started, man, if this is hoax…it’s a brilliant one. It’s got me excited, please god be fall out 4! We need this game!!



Releasing a Fallout MMO and Elders scrolls MMO so close would be a terrible business strategy.

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