Blizzard trademarks “Warlords of Draenor”, possible next WoW expansion

World of Warcraft

By on November 4, 2013 at 8:07 am

It seems like “Warlords of Draenor” may be on the way from Blizzard some time soon, with the company trademarking the name in both Australia and New Zealand.

The website,, was also registered around a month ago.

Blizzard also trademarked something called “The Dark Below” back in August of this year, and nothing has yet eventuated — although “Warlords of Draenor” is definitely a bit more specific. If true, we’ll soon be returning to Outland once more. What do you think?

Source: MMO Champion (thanks Darren)

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the problem with the expansion is Draenor doesn’t exist as such anymore, Outland does, Draenor would mean a time travel expansion which sounds as stupid as it is. it would be a massive mistake for blizzard and i doubt they’d take the risk for a time travel expansion.


Might not mean a whole Draenor. Blizzard might shoehorn in other parts of the world that werent completely destroyed (like Outland). Then there’s the question of what happened to the spirit of Ner’zhul when Arthas died in WotLK. Finally – given the story in the legendary questline in MoP, its fairly certain that the Burning Legion would come into play again.

OK – Wow nerd moment over :P.


There are allot of rumours floating around about an Outland re-vamp much like Cata and the Azeroth changes, but this time making outland the staging ground for the burning legions return invasion (one of the only remaining big baddies?) after pandaria the two factions are now going to work together to repel the common enemy., And there will be a whole heap of phased events as horde/alliance fight to stop the legion gaining a foothold like a beachhead allowing them access into Azeroth itself. Just a theory but I think it wouldn’t be a bad expac.



According to lore Anduin will be leading both the horde and alliance against the burning legion, however he doesn’t do that until he is older, so unless the next expansion is set 5-10 years later it wont happen.

Still the story of the remaining old gods and the naga.

Could be wrong though, you never know with blizzard, few days and we shall know where it’s headed next.


Goats in space 2!



there’s lots of draenor that’s still mostly there, outside of the parts seen in BC.

mercinarie: Just a theory but I think it wouldn’t be a bad expac.

I think they need to address alot of mechanical problems to make the game-play engaging again before the story is really at all important.


In gaming, Blizzard is where I have grown with, way back when the Warcraft III was most played during the era it was first existed. That I guess the power of good game branding, just like, that works with many company to build better product name.

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