We’re rolling out our Battlefield 4 beta servers right now

Battlefield 4

By on October 1, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Want to play quota-free Battlefield 4? Of course you do! Well don’t worry, because thanks to our partnership with Gameservers.com, we’ve been able to set up a bunch of servers for you to play on right now.

You’ll find our servers labelled as “GameServers.com – Australia” in the browser window. If you can’t see them, go to the Advanced filtering options on Battlelog and un-tick the ‘Normal’ filter. This should bring them up.

(We’re changing this soon so they show up as ‘Normal’ without having to change your filtering options!)

Every Australian GameServers.com server is being hosted by us, so those are all quota free for you to play on. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the servers but this game is bad, It’s taken battlefield to a whole new level of CODness. no recoil on the guns, i just shake my head.

battlefield is just a run and gun mess now.

I’ll give it another go tomorrow but i think I’ve got more chance of buying COD ghost than this clone.



might be jumping the gun a bit there hey?


I can kinda see the COD’ness…but from the 20mins I played I thought it has improved upon BF3 in every aspect. Had quite a bit of fun and very much look forward to playing the beta again sometime real soon.


Looks like I will have to push up my schedule on a new gpu because I can’t run it for shit.


I get 63 FPS on BF4 MP PC BETA with Gigabyte GTX560ti , E3-1230v3 (3.3ghz) haswell and 8 gig of ram on default settings .

Game seems to be an improvement over BF3 , but it still feels like BF3.4 not a new game.
Its hard to tell if the game is going to be worth buying it till the game supports ranking storage (lose your rank and defib if you leave a server) and hardcore mode servers.


Any chance a few could be labeled games.on.net or Internode instead of an American domain name ?


Stillllll downloading…

From what my clan have been saying it’s pretty good though suffering a bit of lag atm, dunno if they hit the Aussie servers yet though…


EA has saved me some money will not be getting this mess.



Beta aside, I was expecting a “Better BF3″ and that’s basically what BF4 is.

Lots of new details (e.g. auto-lean and pop-up) which add depth and 5 man squads with in-game VOIP provide more opportunities for teamplay.

Really liking the Shanghai map, at the very least it’s a nice change from Battlefield’s usual “urban maps” with it’s modern towers and shops.


Looks like I will have to push up my schedule on a new gpu because I can’t run it for shit.

Turn antialiasing on post process effects all the way down/off, helps a LOT.


nekosan: Turn antialiasing on post process effects all the way down/off, helps a LOT.

I tried everything off/lowest and still had trouble running it. I was also only trying it quickly because I didn’t have time, will have another go later today and see if I can get it running good enough. Wasn’t planning to upgrade until star citizen forced my hand but this may have beat it out the gate.


Not looking good is all I can say.


Servers were working well, was on one for a bit last night.

It’s a lot of fun too.


I was impressed. I mean, it’s a beta, so you expect things to screw up a little, but on the whole things worked well – the queues were working alright, my friends and I were always immediately balanced to the same team and squad, and the gameplay has been tweaked to fit the much larger maps – they have more range and put people down considerably faster, or so I found. And the size of the maps feels impressive. My only gripe was that the colour palate of Shanghai, even before the tower falls is very 90′s PC beige, which makes the textures feel a little lower.
But at the end of the day, things are working without any massive bugs, and like Snazz mentioned, it’s a beta.
If you still feel it’s “CoD like”, don’t play it – then everybody wins!

Village idiot

It’s not *bad* but its not great either. I’m going to hold out a while longer before I pass judgement. Bf3 was good. I agree with many here that it does seem to be a little bit dumbed down and more ‘cod-ish’ but that could just be the maps too…

Having a few performance issues, but not as bad as other I’ve heard. I’m on all high settings with habo off and getting about 70fps with the odd random spike that just drops into a horrible level like10 fps for about a second.

GTX 680
16gig ram


my comp struggles to play this game

I just formatted my computer on sunday

i7 920 2.7 Ghz stock speed (1st generation core i7)
X58 motherboard
gtx 650 2 gig (just purchased last week, new)
6 gig ddr3 ram

do I need to overclock the CPU?

any help would be much appreciated



Maybe. Getting a lot of mixed reports regarding Nvidia driver performance, so it may just be a matter of waiting for those drivers to mature.

I have a similar CPU (i7 930), but I have overclocked it to 3.8Ghz ish, and a faster video card, and I’m having no issues at 1920×1200, so I don’t see why your system won’t also be able to run it at an acceptable frame rate/detail level.



thanks for the help, looks like I need to overclock the cpu, I just have the feeling, drivers are not the problem



Well, it certainly won’t hurt performance to do so :)



thanks for the help, looks like I need to overclock the cpu, I just have the feeling, drivers are not the problem

I’ve got an i7 930 (stock speed 2.80 GHz) with a 7970 and 12GB memory. I’ll check what settings and FPS I’m getting tonight.

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