Thief gameplay trailer shows some (highly edited) gameplay


By on October 10, 2013 at 10:33 am

It’s all-systems-go on Thief, with previews dropping like mad all across The Internet (you can read ours here, naturally) and, to accompany them, this new Gameplay Trailer from Eidos.

While the trailer does technically contain gameplay, it is actually largely cutscenes, heavily edited, missing all the UI, and doesn’t really show us the sort of small details that Thief fans were hoping to see. Nevertheless, it’s interesting viewing. Take a look below:

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Those seemingly insta-kill attack moves make me nervous…



“Garret – Young, brash, arrogant Cocky Master Assassin/Ninja Combatant… or something – because we forgot what game we were supposed to be making..”
Oh and +experience points for those takedowns most likely.

I hope that weird and highly unnecessary ‘shadowy smoke effect’ when pickpocketing at :44 is one of the UI elements that can be customized off, or off by default in classic mode… seriously what is that?
Speaking of which I wouldn’t mind a big ‘ol list of things that Classic mode actually change…was already burned by Bioshock Infinite’s ‘Classic” mode that didn’t at all feel very classic IMO.


Those seemingly insta-kill attack moves make me nervous…

Really? I didn’t see any actual killing in the trailer. Maybe I’m blind. I saw some CQC and we have no idea what that’ll be like. The Hitman: Absolution CQC system is pretty good, and I imagine there’ll be a rating penalty for being spotted anyway. I really couldn’t care less if melee is 1 button press as it means you’ll pretty much be penalised against groups of opponents for it but be fine against single targets.

Anyway, that trailer soundtrack was awful. Like, really bad. I hope the actual game doesn’t sound that bad. Some of the stealth mechanics looked good, like the old Thief games. Hopefully there’s a fair bit of RNG in the game like the older ones too as that was a big draw to them with the greatly variable AI alert states, where an AI may change their route if they’re distracted by something too many times.

“I hope that weird and highly unnecessary ‘shadowy smoke effect’”

You may think all particle effects in games outside of gunplay are weird and unnecessary but they provide good kinaesthetic feedback.

Really the only thing I want from this game is those stupid zombies removed. Seriously why were they even in a freaking stealth game in the first place? The original games weren’t without their faults and this game is (from an extremely brief and cursory look) looking okay. The biggest problem in Thief 3 I remember is the AI LoS detection is just awful. I looked at it again and never remember it being just this terrible. They seem to require prescription glasses which they just don’t have as they walk 1 foot from you and do not even notice in the slightest. (

Unless the night is absolutely pitch black (which it wouldn’t be because there’s a torch next to them) then there’s no way Garret wouldn’t have been seen.


Shows promise.
But will never live up to expectations of a fan looking back with nostalgia.
I aim to wait and see to reserve judgements.
But hopefully it is a good stealth game if taken in its own right.


Unless the night is absolutely pitch black (which it wouldn’t be because there’s a torch next to them) then there’s no way Garret wouldn’t have been seen.

The gamma isnt set right in that, in the darkest level of shadows in any thief game they pretty much need to trip over you to see you. It’s not meant to be super realistic and it was never about that, he’s a master thief in a low fantasy setting.

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